Q1 Gives a Web Server limited access to other programmes or data on the computer





Q2 The addressing protocol that enables computers hooked to the Internet to find each other

A. Dial Name System

B. Digital Name System

C. Domain Name System

D. Dynamic Name System

Q3 To change the appearance of data using a logical formula to protect the data's integrity

A. Decrypt

B. Encrypt

C. Hide

D. None of the three options

Q4 The portion of the Internet that contains Gopher sites

A. Gopher Home Page

B. Gopher Linked Sites

C. Gopher Corner

D. Gopherspace

Q5 When conducting an Internet search on the Web, each result of a particular search is called

A. Click

B. Progress

C. Hit

D. Answer

Q6 An organization or company that enables users access to the Internet




D. None of the three options

Q7 The first Web browser, written by Andreessen

A. Internet Explorer

B. Mosaic

C. Netscape Navigator

D. None of the three options

Q8 The position of being disconnected from a network

A. Inline

B. Online

C. Offline

D. Atline

Q9 POP stands for

A. Post Office Protocol

B. Pre Office Protocol

C. Paid Office Protocol

D. Part Office Protocol

Q10 A listing of items in the order, they arrived

A. Queue

B. Sequence

C. Listed Items

D. None of the three options

Q11 The text that has formatting instructions is

A. High Quality Text

B. True Text

C. Poor Text

D. Rich Text

Q12 Any computer that delivers (serves) information and data

A. Servant

B. Server

C. Master

D. Slave

Q13 SMTP stands for

A. Sequenced Mail Transport Protocol

B. Secure Mail Transport Protocol

C. Simple Mail Transport Protocol

D. Sample Mail Transport Protocol

Q14 Any mass-mailed material meant for self-promotion, advertisement, or pure silliness

A. Mosaic

B. Spam

C. Packet


Q15 An HTML document, that can be browsed and edited

A. Web Page

B. Word Page

C. Note Page

D. Copy Page

Q16 A folder containing unwanted message that can be emptied, when specified by the user

A. Mail Box

B. Out Box

C. In Box

D. Trash Box

Q17 Veronica stands for

A. Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Network Index to Computerized Archieves

B. Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Netwide Index to Computerized Access

C. Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Netwide Index to Computerized Archieves

D. Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Netwide Index to Common Archieves

Q18 A collection of Web documents, that usually consists of a home page and several related pages

A. Internet

B. Web Site

C. Mail Box

D. None of the three options

Q19 Reading a newsgroup without posting to it

A. Lurking

B. Linking

C. Reading

D. Listing

Q20 Cc stands for

A. Cover Copy

B. Cafe Copy

C. Case Copy

D. Carbon Copy

Q21 A collection of information, that a Web site can leave on the computer for later access

A. Nut

B. Cookie

C. Chocolate

D. Coffee

Q22 Method by which single article could be posted to multiple newsgroup

A. Serial-posting

B. Parallel-posting

C. Cross-posting

D. Line-posting

Q23 An arrangement to interconnect different ISPs

A. Connecting

B. Linking

C. Inter-connecting

D. Peering

Q24 Computer connected on the Internet are referred to as

A. Host

B. Server

C. Computer

D. Connector

Q25 E-Commerce stands for

A. Electrical Commerce

B. Engineering Commerce

C. Electronic Commerce

D. English Commerce

Q26 B2C stands for

A. Business to Company

B. Business to Community

C. Business to Commission

D. Business to Consumer

Q27 EDI stands for

A. Electronic Data Interchange

B. Extranet Data Interchange

C. Ernet Data Interchange

D. Easy Data Interchange

Q28 Tool that sends a small piece of data to a different computer

A. Router

B. Web Page

C. Ping

D. E-mail

Q29 URL stands for

A. Uniform Resource Locators

B. Unidentified Resource Locators

C. User Resource Locators

D. Usenet Resource Locators

Q30 HTML stands for

A. Hyper Terminal Markup Language

B. Hyper Text Markup Language

C. Hyper Text Maid Language

D. Hyper Text Marked Language

Q31 CSS stands for

A. Captured Style Sheets

B. Cascading Style Sheets

C. Cascading Simple Sheets

D. Captured Source Sheets

Q32 Front Page is product of

A. Apple


C. Lotus

D. Microsoft

Q33 Pagemill is product of

A. Sunmicrosystems

B. Adobe

C. Microsoft

D. Lotus

Q34 Who introduced the frames to divide the browser window into sub-windows

A. Microsoft

B. Sun Microsystems

C. Netscape Navigator

D. Mosaic

Q35 MIME stands for

A. Multipurpose Intranet Mail Extension

B. Multipurpose Internal Mail Extension

C. Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension

D. Multipurpose Inner Mail Extension

Q36 FTP stands for

A. File Transfer Protocol

B. File Tag Protocol

C. File Top Protocol

D. File Table Protocol

Q37 Facility that allows a netizen to talk to a vast number of fellow netizens simultaneously

A. Internet Ready Chat

B. Internet Relay Chat

C. Internet Real Chat

D. Internet Round Chat

Q38 Programme that indicates information about last logged in, last accessed mail etc.

A. FTP Service

B. Fill Service

C. French Service

D. Finger Service

Q39 Modem stands for

A. Modulator Demodulator

B. Modular Demodular

C. Modular Detector

D. None of the three options

Q40 ISDN stands for

A. Integrated Services Digital Network Connection

B. Internet Services Digital Network Connection

C. Intranet Services Digital Network Connection

D. Interrupted Services Digital Network Connection

Q41 Two types of modems are

A. Intranet & Extranet Modem

B. Internal and External Modem

C. Inclusive & Exclusive Modem

D. None of the three options

Q42 Transmission Speed could be defined as

A. The speed with which data is transmitted

B. The speed with which computer gets started

C. The speed with which file is opened

D. The speed with which data is deleted

Q43 Websites which contain links to many other websites depending on the typed of information required

A. Port

B. Post

C. Portal

D. None of the three options

Q44 Two types of portals are

A. Hortals & Vortals

B. Mortals & Lortals

C. Wortals & Gortals

D. None of the three options

Q45 W3C stands for

A. World Wide Web Commissions

B. World Wide Web Call Centers

C. World Wide Web Consumer

D. World Wide Web Consortium

Q46 W3C was created in

A. 1991

B. 1994

C. 1995

D. 1992

Q47 An ISO standard for designing web page





Q48 SGML stands for

A. Secure Generalised Markup Language

B. Simple Generalised Markup Language

C. Sample Generalised Markup Language

D. Standard Generalised Markup Language

Q49 Bookmark is also called

A. Latestlist

B. Hotlist

C. Mainlist

D. None of the three options

Q50 Picture files are to be transmitted in the format





Q51 Online discussion with people all over the world on different topics

A. Calling

B. Writing

C. Chatting

D. Speaking

Q52 The computer whose data /programs have to accessed

A. Computer

B. Remote Computer

C. Node

D. Server

Q53 A terminal emulation protocol that enables to log in remotely to other computers on the Internet, using a command line interface

A. ARPAnet

B. Ernet

C. Extranet

D. Telnet

Q54 Connection between two devices

A. Switch

B. Port

C. Plug

D. Bus

Q55 For telnet default port no. is

A. 24

B. 21

C. 20

D. 23

Q56 A graphics text or HTML file sent with an e-mail message

A. Cc

B. Attachment

C. BCc

D. None of the three options

Q57 A major network connection that carries the primary network traffic

A. Backbone

B. Brain

C. Right Hand

D. Nerve

Q58 The storage area on a computer that contains copies of original data, so that the computer doesn't have to go to remote server to get information every time, it is requested

A. Compact Disk

B. Floppy

C. Cache

D. Hard Disk

Q59 Data is made up of a series of 0s and 1s that are grouped in unique sequences

A. Numeric Data

B. French Data

C. Binary Data

D. None of the three options

Q60 Transferring a file from a host computer to your computer

A. Downloading

B. Saving

C. Sending

D. None of the three options

Q61 Consists of an user ID, followed by an @ sign and a domain name

A. Postal Address

B. E-Mail Address

C. Phone Number

D. None of the three options

Q62 Used to make Internet transactions secure from unauthorised access

A. Single Sockers Layer

B. Secure Sockers Layer

C. Serial Sockers Layer

D. Semi Sockers Layer

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