Q1 What is required when more than one person uses a central computer at the same time?

A. Light pen

B. mouse

C. digitizer

D. terminal

Q2 A hard copy would be prepared on a

A. line printer

B. dot matrix printer

C. type writer terminal

D. all of the above

Q3 Which of the following input/output devices is not associated with personal computers?

A. mice

B. color monitors

C. punched cards

D. dot-matrix printers

Q4 A typical personal computer used for business purposes would have ___________ of RAM

A. 4K

B. 16K

C. 64K

D. 256K

Q5 The word length of a computer is measured in

A. bytes

B. millimeters

C. metres

D. bits

Q6 Multi-user systems provide cost savings for small business because they use a single processing unit to link several

A. personal computers

B. workstations

C. dumb terminals

D. mainframes

Q7 What are the three decision-making operations performed by the ALU of a computer?

A. Greater than

B. Less than

C. Equal to

D. All of the above

Q8 What part of the computer is used for calculating and comparing?

A. disk unit

B. control unit


D. modem

Q9 Can you tell what passes into and out from the computer via its ports?

A. data

B. bytes

C. graphics

D. pictures

Q10 What is the size of the diskettes used by IBM's newer PS/2 personal computers?

A. 5.5"

B. 8"

C. 3.5"

D. 2.5"

Q11 The computer memory holds data and

A. bytes

B. program

C. registers

D. bits

Q12 In computer technology, what is meant by the phrase "state-of-the-art"?

A. up-to-date

B. best

C. latest

D. all of the above

Q13 The checking operation performed on input data is called the

A. validation of data

B. verification of data

C. cross check

D. control of data

Q14 The most expensive component in a computer system is its

A. hardware

B. peripherals

C. software

D. none of the above

Q15 In digital data transmission

A. baud rate is equal to bit rate

B. baud rate is always smaller than the bit rate

C. baud rate is always higher than the bit rate

D. none of the above

Q16 Information retrieval is fastest from

A. Floppy disk

B. magnetic tape

C. hard disc

D. all of the above

Q17 The process of entering data into a storage location

A. adds to the contents of the location

B. cause variation in its address number

C. is known as a readout operation

D. is destructive of previous contents

Q18 A magnetic tape volume that is used on a data processing operation without any change

A. magnetic disk

B. punched paper tape

C. master tape

D. card reader

Q19 Allocator and manager of memory in an operating system is

A. keyboard

B. key punch

C. kernel

D. kludge

Q20 Super-computers

A. are found at thousands of sites around the world

B. can now fit on a single silicon chip

C. are usually designed to process accounting applications

D. are not fast enough for some applications

Q21 A data item which is not broken down into smaller units is ..

A. data element

B. elementary data item

C. data entry

D. database management

Q22 Which of the following is a particular form of magnetic tape cartridge?

A. card punch

B. optical mark reader

C. digital cassette

D. punched paper tape

Q23 A hardware used for virtual memory allocation is


B. base-bound register

C. controller

D. register unit

Q24 Most computers understand programs written in

A. natural english language


C. any high-level programming language

D. specific programming language

Q25 A way of checking the data have been moved or stored correctly is

A. password

B. prestel

C. parity

D. modem

Q26 The floppy disk of diskette was first developed in early

A. 1970

B. 1965

C. 1960

D. 1976

Q27 A sequence of one or more character is

A. group

B. string

C. block

D. field

Q28 One megabyte is

A. 1048576 bytes

B. 211000 bytes

C. 102756 bytes

D. 81100 bytes

Q29 A secondary storage device with immediate access to any part of the stored data is

A. direct access device

B. printer

C. keyboard

D. punched card

Q30 A computer in which data is represented by a continuously variable physical quantity is

A. Digital computer

B. analog computer

C. Hybrid computer

D. Machine-in-built computer

Q31 A digital device that process data is known as

A. data processor

B. data entry


D. database

Q32 Which of the following can be used to control the movement of a cursor on a video screen?

A. Mouse


C. Card punch

D. Joystick

Q33 In digital computer, all the expressions are coded into

A. octal digits

B. binary digits

C. hexadecimal digits

D. decimal digits

Q34 The track capacity of a single density floppy disk driver is

A. 360 bytes

B. 1105 bytes

C. 2560 bytes

D. 180 bytes

Q35 the display size of the typical visual display screen is

A. 80 columns wide by 24

B. 40 columns wide by 20

C. 15 columns wide by 10

D. 60 columns wide by 30

Q36 Number system with base 2 having two distinct levels is known as

A. decimal

B. binary

C. octal

D. hexadecimal

Q37 Any storage device added to computer beyond the immediately usable main storage is known as

A. floppy disk

B. hard disk

C. backing store

D. punched card

Q38 A computer peripheral that prints one line of output at a time is known as

A. dot matrix printer

B. daisy wheel printer

C. line printer

D. serial printer

Q39 Which type of computers are known as Z1 ,.Z2?

A. personal

B. electrical

C. electronic

D. mechanical

Q40 An operating system intended for use microprocessor based system that support a single user is





Q41 The report card and merit list forms the

A. output data

B. data processing

C. central processing

D. input data

Q42 Which is an input device?

A. tape puncher

B. teleprocessing terminal

C. card puncher

D. optical printer

Q43 Programmed instructions to the computer is known as

A. data

B. code

C. documentation

D. database

Q44 Which printer uses a combination of laser-beam and electro photographic techniques?

A. laser printers

B. dot-matrix

C. lineprinter

D. daisy wheel

Q45 Which of the following is a displayed listing of program option that users can select?

A. menu

B. block

C. data item

D. file

Q46 What is the acronym for Single In-Line Memory module?





Q47 Which type of memory is for information that DOES CHANGE on your computer?





Q48 A data structure consisting of several fields, some or all of which are instances of the same data structure, is a called

A. field

B. bead

C. database

D. data collection

Q49 During the data gathering phase of the system analysis step

A. program flow-charts are often prepared

B. the system design specifiations are outline

C. a number of specialized forms may be prepared

D. a standards manual is of little use.

Q50 Most computers have have secondary storage devices that are connected .. To the procesor and are thus able to accept data directly from and return data directly to the processor.

A. special

B. onlin

C. off-line

D. multi

Q51 Which of the following is a term meaning that if a particular program is given bad data for input, it will produce bad results for output?





Q52 A device which uses magnetic tape cartridges to read or record information at 340,000 alphanumeric characters per second is

A. magnetic tape

B. hypertape drive

C. card punch

D. magnetic disk

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MCQ Questions, ihkcl.in
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MCQ Questions, ihkcl.in
MCQ Questions, ihkcl.in
MCQ Questions, ihkcl.in