Q1 color of a form can be changed using

A. source code

B. properties window

C. both 1 & 2

D. can't change

Q2 step statement is used with

A. For

B. While

C. Repeat

D. none of these

Q3 Exit function is used for

A. exit from the project

B. exit from form

C. exit from subroutine

D. exit from explorer

Q4 Additem & index can be possible in

A. list box

B. textbox

C. frame

D. both 1 & 3

Q5 Which one is not a font property

A. FontBold

B. FontName

C. fontSave

D. FontStrikethru

Q6 what is the extension of project file

A. vbp

B. frm

C. dll

D. mdb

Q7 Load event is possible with

A. frame

B. form

C. picture

D. none of these

Q8 list of all the files on a drive can be seen by using

A. drivelist box

B. filelistbox


D. none of these

Q9 Which one is not a property of recordset

A. Addnew

B. delete

C. append

D. update

Q10 Which type of functions are possible in VB

A. Implicit

B. Explicit

C. Both 1 & 2

D. Nome of these

Q11 Can we assign the value of inputbox to a variable

A. yes

B. no

C. sometimes

D. none of these

Q12 DirList box will show

A. list of all the drives

B. list of all the directories

C. list of all files

D. none

Q13 How many Windowstate are possible

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Q14 Windowstate can be changed using

A. source code

B. properties window

C. both 1& 2

D. none

Q15 which one is not a function of text selection

A. deltext

B. Seltext

C. selstart

D. sellength

Q16 Which of these events is the first to occur in case a form is shown in a VB Project

A. Form Unload

B. Got Focus

C. Form show

D. Form Load

Q17 What does MDI stands for in VB Terminology

A. Mearge Deficient Income

B. Multiple Document Interchange

C. Manually Dragged interface

D. Multiple Document Interface

Q18 which one of the following is not a valid VB declarative statement

A. Dim Board(10,10) as integer

B. Dim Integer Board(10)

C. Dim Board(10)

D. Dim Board(1 to 16) as string

Q19 An integer variable can also be represented by the sign

A. %

B. $

C. !

D. #

Q20 If the data type of a variable is not specified then that variable is by default declared as

A. Integer

B. Long

C. String

D. Varient

Q21 A Coment line in Visual Basic starts with the sign

A. /*

B. */

C. *

D. '

Q22 Shortcut Key to run a VB Project is

A. F8

B. F5

C. F6

D. F7

Q23 ShortCut key to run a vb program One step at a time is

A. F8

B. F5

C. F6

D. F7

Q24 a=1493,b=143 the following function will return Function Min( a as varient,b as varient)as varient Min=Iff(a

A. 143

B. 1493

C. b

D. a

Q25 Which one of the following is not a valid loop statement in VB

A. While…….. Wend

B. Do……Loop

C. While……..do

D. For……..Next

Q26 If declared within a module which type of access specifier will explore the variable to whole of the Application

A. Global

B. Public

C. Private

D. Global as well as Public

Q27 What will the following function return Instr$("Visual Basic","Visual")

A. 1

B. Visual

C. Basic

D. 5

Q28 Which of these controls is not used to access the Computer's file system

A. DirListBox

B. DataControl

C. DirListBox

D. DriveListBox

Q29 For specifing a default case in Select Case statement the Keyword Used is

A. Otherwise

B. Default

C. Case Else

D. None of these

Q30 Following loop will execute for how many times I=0 do while (I<=5) debug.Print I loop

A. Five times

B. Once

C. Above code has an error

D. Six times

Q31 Which of the following is not a correct set of Properties for a class modules Private Variables

A. Property Set,Get

B. Property Bet,Let

C. Property Let,Get

D. Property Set,Get,Let

Q32 Which of the following is the default ADO Recordset Property

A. Fields



D. RecordCount

Q33 COM Stands for

A. Class Oriented Model

B. Class Oriented Modelling

C. Component Object Model

D. None of Above

Q34 Which of the following is not Dirctly Accessible through the objects created based on a class

A. Public Variables

B. Private variables with public Properties Let,Set,Get

C. Public Functions

D. Private Variables

Q35 DLL in VB Terminology Stnads for

A. Dynamically Linked Library

B. Doubly Linked List

C. Doubly Locked Linked Controls

D. None of these

Q36 Which of the following is not a valid data type in VB

A. Double

B. String

C. Integer

D. Real

Q37 To save changes done to a ADO Recorset the method used is

A. Save

B. Save Recordset

C. Update

D. None of these

Q38 A Record is

A. A number of files stored on a storage medium

B. An organised collection of related information about an enttity

C. data stored on a storage medium

D. none of above

Q39 What is the extension of a VB Project

A. .vbw

B. .vbp

C. .vfp

D. none of these

Q40 In client server computing model security requirement of the data base is managed by

A. Client Application


C. database Server

D. none of these

Q41 The Back-end Application server refers to

A. Client Application

B. Server application

C. Client/Server Application

D. none of these

Q42 Which of the following is not a RDBMS

A. Foxpro

B. Sybase

C. Oracle

D. MS-Access

Q43 A Foreign Key

A. must be a candidate

B. must be a primary key in other table of the relationship

C. both a) and b)

D. none of above

Q44 The primary role of normalizing the database is

A. to minimize the redundant data

B. to establish data relationship

C. to identify data reletionship

D. all of the above

Q45 The Validate Event in Visual Basic is applied to __________

A. text box

B. checkbox

C. listbox

D. All of above

Q46 Which of the following is not a valid lock in case of a ADO Recordset

A. adLockOptimistic

B. adLockBatchOptimistic

C. adOpenstatic

D. adlockReadonly

Q47 which of the following is a valid mode to open a ADO recordset

A. adOpenDynamic

B. adOpenKeyset

C. adOpenStatic

D. adlockReadOnly

Q48 which of the following properties belongs to extendor Objects

A. Font

B. Backcolor

C. Usermode

D. name

Q49 Morefolder method belongs to

A. Drive Control

B. Dir Control

C. File Control

D. File system Object

Q50 Which of the following is an inProcess server

A. ActiveX Dll

B. ActiveX Exe

C. Both of these

D. None of these

Q51 Dependency information is included for all components that that ship with VB,this information lies in

A. .dep Files


C. in both these files

D. in any one of these

Q52 A Procedure in VB returns

A. One Value

B. Two Values

C. Any no. of Values

D. None

Q53 Which Type of the DSN is accessible only by you on the machine you are using

A. User DSN

B. system DSN

C. file DSN

D. All of these

Q54 You want to change the colour of certain text that appears in the code window. Which of the following would you change?

A. Text

B. Foreground

C. Background

D. Indicator

Q55 A data type which can store data of all types is

A. String

B. Double

C. Variant

D. Long

Q56 Which of the following lines of code will enable Microsoft's Website to appear in the Web Browser control?

A. WebBrowser.Navigate www.microsoft.com

B. WebBrowser.Navigate "www.microsoft.com"

C. WebBrowser.GotHome www.microsoft.com

D. WebBrowser.Navigate URL

Q57 Which method is used to add a new field to a dynamic Recordset?

A. Update

B. Insert

C. AddNew

D. Append

Q58 Which property does every VB control contain?

A. Text

B. Caption

C. Name

D. Autosize

Q59 What is the main advantage of adding a reference to an object library?

A. The ability to reference objects of the object library

B. The ability to use the set method

C. The ability to use early binding

D. The ability to use late binding

Q60 A VB application creates an instance of a form. What is the event that will be triggered in the form?

A. Load

B. GotFocus

C. Instance

D. Initialize

Q61 Which of the following objects contain a set of records from a database?

A. Record

B. Recordset

C. Field

D. Fields

Q62 When an Image control's property is set to true, the picture within the image control will size along with the control.

A. Autosize

B. Stretch

C. Size

D. Width

Q63 The Visual Basic Project file that stores the design of a user Control ends with which file extension?





Q64 What is the term that describes methods that execute using synchronous processing?

A. Call-backs

B. Blocking

C. Multiuse instancing

D. Eternal Component execution

Q65 Which of the following ASP objects should you use when constructing a message to send to a browser from a WebClass?

A. Request

B. Response

C. Server

D. Session

Q66 Which of the following serves as an example of declaring an ActiveX component?

A. Dim Variables As New Object

B. Declare variable As New Object

C. Component As New Object

D. Component as New Servername

Q67 What event occurs when a function key is pressed?

A. Neither the KeyPress event nor the KeyDown event

B. Both the KeyPress event and the KeyDown event

C. The KeyDown event, but not the KeyPress event

D. The KeyPress event, but not the KeyDown event

Q68 Which property determines the contents of status bar panel?

A. Text

B. Style

C. Simple Text

D. None

Q69 To size the picture in an image control, set the image control's _______ property to true.

A. Stretch

B. Autosize

C. Size

D. Width

Q70 What is the event, which is fired whenever a form lost focus to another window?

A. QueryUnload

B. Deactivate

C. Unload

D. Terminate

Q71 Which variable is Static in the following function? Static function myfunct() Static x As integer Dim y As string End Function

A. Only x

B. Only y

C. Both x and y

D. None

Q72 How many types of combo boxes are there?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Q73 Which property changes when the user clicks one of the Scrollbar's arrows?

A. Max

B. Min

C. Value

D. LargeChange

Q74 When a label control is placed on the form, its default _____ property is the same as its caption property.

A. Label

B. Name

C. Text

D. Form

Q75 The location of an object on a form is measured in _______ from the edge of the form.

A. Twips

B. Inches

C. Pixels

D. Points

Q76 Statement that defines a variable.

A. ReDim

B. dim

C. declare

D. define

Q77 Which method is used to add records to a recordset?

A. Add

B. AddNew

C. Create

D. New

Q78 You have installed VB 5.0 on your m/c and after some time you want it to delete from your m/c. Action you will take is to

A. use setup Wizard

B. delete id from Program menu

C. make it deleteable

D. use add remove program

Q79 Which control is used to retrieve HTML text?

A. Web Browser

B. Internet Transfer Control

C. Navigate

D. List Box

Q80 Which of the following is NOT allowed in an Active X document?

A. OLE Container control

B. Custom controls

C. Database controls

D. User created controls

Q81 Dim myVar% creates a variable of following type:

A. Currency

B. Single

C. Integer

D. Long

Q82 What is the advantage of early binding?

A. Objects are created faster

B. Objects can be created any time program

C. You don't have to declare the type

D. You can save memory

Q83 What method of common dialog box is used to display help information?


B. ShowHelp

C. OpenHelp

D. DisplayHelp

Q84 What is a callback procedure?

A. A recursive procedure

B. Part of a modem protocol

C. A procedure in the program which is called by a DLL procedure.

D. A specific Windows API used in Active X controls.

Q85 During update the size of a page locked by Jet is

A. 2K

B. 1K

C. 4K

D. 8K

Q86 Arguments can be passed to DLLs

A. By value

B. By reference

C. Both by value and by reference

D. Neither by value nor by reference

Q87 lblName.BorderStyle=vbFixed Single In the above expression vbFixedSingle

A. is a property

B. is a method

C. is a VB constant

D. none of the above

Q88 Which data type holds smallest range of value.

A. Double

B. Integer

C. Decimal

D. long

Q89 You are creating one application in which you want to download the files through FTP server in a regular interval, which of the following control will take minimal code

A. Winsock

B. Internet Transfer Protocol

C. Web browser control

D. Hyperlink Object

Q90 A programmer in an office is developing an active X control. To debug that active X control, you have to

A. insert the control in an application

B. make a project group and set the reference to the control

C. set the reference to an application project in the user control project

D. none of the above

Q91 You want a user of your ActiveX Document to visit your website, whenever he clicks "About menu item" on main menu. How will you do it?

A. using hyperlink object

B. using internet transfer protocol

C. using Asynchronous read method

D. using Winsock

Q92 An API call is having two Optional arguments, what is the way to pass a null value to them?

A. declare an integer and pass it as by Val with value 0

B. declare a long and pass it as by Val with value 0

C. declare a long and pass it as by ref with value 0

D. any of the above.

Q93 A Win API DLL written in C has following function DWORD MyProc(char ch); which declaration is appropriate while calling it from VB?

A. Declare Function Myproc1 Lib "mylid.dll" Alias "Myproc" (Byval ch as string) As long

B. Declare function Myproc1 Lib "mylid.dll" Alias "Myproc" (Byval ch as integer) As Long

C. Declare function Myproc1 Lib "mylid.dll" Alias "Myproc" (ch as Byte) As Long

D. Declare function Myproc1 Lib "mylid.dll" Alias "Myproc" (Byval ch as Byte) As Long

Q94 You are monitoring a global variable and want to suspend program execution when its value changes. Which debugging tool should you use?

A. A watch window

B. Variables window

C. Locals window

D. Immediate window

Q95 You want to display a pop-up menu named mnuFile at the cursor location when the user clicks the right mouse button over a form. You have decided to place this code in the Form_MouseDown event. Which statement will accomplish this task?

A. If Button = 2 Then mnuFile.Popup End If

B. If Button = 2 Then PopMenu mnuFile End If

C. If Button = 2 Then PopupMenu (Form1.mnuFile) End If

D. If Button = 2 Then mnuFile.PopupMenu End If

Q96 You want to remember a form's state so that when it is opened again, it will appear the same. What function call would you use, and in which event procedure would you place it?

A. SaveRegSetting in the Form_Unload event

B. SaveRegSetting in the Form_Deactivate event

C. SaveSetting in the Form_QueryUnload event

D. SaveSetting in the Form_Unload event

Q97 Choose the correct sequence of occurrence of form events during form loads into memory/and unloads from memory.

A. Load, Initialize, QueryUnload, Unload

B. Initialize, Load, Unload, QueryUnload

C. Load, Initialize, Unload, QueryUnload

D. Initialize, Load, QueryUnload, Unload

Q98 If you want to close the cancel command

A. Set the cancel parameter of the Unload even to true.

B. Set the cancel parameter to False.

C. None of the above.

D. Not possible.

Q99 LCase () returns the value of type.

A. string

B. integer

C. currency

D. varient

Q100 Which control property determines the path and filename of the graphic image to display.

A. image

B. picture

C. file

D. path

Q101 In which property we specify the duration in which the timer event must be triggered

A. duration

B. Interval

C. Timer

D. enable

Q102 What time value is measured by the timer control' s internal property

A. second

B. millisecond

C. microsecond

D. nanosecond

Q103 In OOP, a function contained within a class is called

A. a member function

B. an operator

C. a class function

D. a method

Q104 Which of the following are good reason to use an object oriented language?

A. we can define our own data type

B. Program statements are simple than in procedural language

C. An OO program can be taught to correct its own errors

D. It is easier to conceptualize an OO program.

Q105 Which come first.

A. OCX control

B. Activex control

C. both a and b

D. VB custom control

Q106 Statement that resize the array

A. ReDim

B. dim

C. declare

D. define

Q107 A displayed form is made up of ______ layers?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Q108 Visual Basic default coordinate system uses a unit called.

A. tiff

B. inch

C. twips

D. point

Q109 The image at control box can be changed by property.

A. caption

B. Icon

C. z-order

D. ScaleMode

Q110 VB is

A. interpreted language

B. Compiled language

C. Interpreted and compiled language

D. none of the above

Q111 Comment can be placed int the code by

A. Rem statement

B. Comment statement

C. both a and b

D. none of the above

Q112 Window less control can be differentiated from other control by property.

A. Icon

B. hWnd

C. 2-order

D. none of the above

Q113 File type not supported by picture box control.

A. Matafile

B. Icon



Q114 What caption property do all separator bars requires.

A. Hyphen

B. Tilde

C. Exclamation

D. Astripic

Q115 What character right justifies menu items.

A. chr$(8)

B. chr& (65)

C. chr$ (13)

D. chr$ (4)

Q116 How many types of icons supported by message box.

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

Q117 How a message box can be created such that it is necessary to answer it first. Until and unless it is answered user would not be able to switch to another windows program.


B. VbModal



Q118 Which is not a system object.

A. Form

B. printer

C. Filesystem

D. screen

Q119 Active X controls can be added to toolbox using.

A. Project property dialog box

B. Reference dialog box

C. Component dialog box

D. none of the above

Q120 Types of transaction supported by SQL Server.

A. Autocommit Transaction

B. Implicit Transaction

C. Explicit Transaction

D. all of the above

Q121 What is the index value of collection's first item.

A. 0

B. 1

C. -1

D. none of these

Q122 Which data type holds largest range of value.

A. Double

B. Integer

C. Decimal

D. long

Q123 Which data type holds highest precision value.

A. Double

B. Integer

C. Decimal

D. long

Q124 How many way a procedure can receive a variable.

A. 1

B. 2

C. 4

D. 3

Q125 Which loop check the condition at bottom of loop?

A. for...next

B. do while...loop

C. do...until loop

D. for each...next

Q126 Format$(txt, "!@@@@@") will perform.

A. Right justification

B. Left Justification

C. Both a and b

D. none of the above

Q127 How to convert the text stored in a variable named as txt to proper case?

A. using Lcase$ (txt)

B. using Pcase$ (txt)

C. StrConv$ (txt, vbProperCase)

D. using Ucase (text)

Q128 Multiple statements can be written in single line by separating them by:

A. ^

B. ~

C. :

D. ;

Q129 The \ performs :

A. Integer division

B. Floating point division

C. Both a & b

D. none of the above

Q130 Stored procedure can be executed on

A. connection object

B. command object

C. recordset object

D. none of the above

Q131 Which property value determines the pattern of drawn line.

A. width

B. height

C. borderstyle

D. Border

Q132 Second Parameter of recordset's open method can be.

A. Connection string

B. connection reference

C. both a and b

D. none of the above

Q133 QBColor()function returns.

A. RGB color code

B. long value

C. both a & b

D. none of the above

Q134 SQL query can be run on connection object using method.

A. Perform

B. Open

C. Execute

D. Run

Q135 Provides only basic control structures, math and string functions and variable manipulation capabilities

A. Visual Basic


C. Basic

D. none of the above

Q136 Enumerated properties created using:

A. Object Browser

B. Enum keyword

C. Property procedure

D. none of the above

Q137 Compiled ActiveX control file has the extension.

A. .cls

B. .ocx

C. .bas

D. .ctl

Q138 The command triggers the event created in the class.

A. withEvent

B. raiseEvent

C. call

D. event

Q139 The data inside an object is known as

A. Events

B. methods

C. Properties

D. member

Q140 The template which defines the characteristics of an object is called.

A. Template

B. Group

C. class

D. collection

Q141 Which of the following keyword is used to keep track of Active window.

A. Me

B. Active

C. Current

D. All of these

Q142 To attach scrollbar to the text box, the property of textbox should be set to;

A. multiline = true

B. scrollbar = 3

C. singleLine = false

D. both a & b

Q143 What keyword to be used when to retain the value of array and need to resize it.

A. ReDim

B. Keep

C. Preserve

D. Retain

Q144 Addition, changes or deletions by others are not visible in the cursor.

A. Dynamic cursor

B. Keyset cursor

C. Static cursor

D. Forward-only cursor

Q145 Which form event would be use to activate pop-up menu when user clicks the right mouse button?

A. Mouse down

B. Mouse up

C. A & B

D. A or B

Q146 All of the folowing statements about shortcut keys are true except.

A. Open menu item when they pressed

B. run a command when they pressed

C. combination of control key and a function or chracter key

D. it displays next to command automaticly

Q147 The TypeOf statement used to find out

A. type of picture displayed

B. type of object dropped

C. type of button click

D. all of these

Q148 Properties of menu items cannot be changed at run time

A. name

B. caption

C. checked

D. enabled

Q149 By default, the textbox control can hold the text

A. multiple lines

B. single line

C. password character

D. none of these

Q150 To attach scroll bar to the text box, the property of tool box should be set to

A. MultiLine = True

B. Scrollbar = True

C. SingleLine = False

D. None of these

Q151 If password property of text box set to "*", then

A. "*" would be entered in place of characters

B. ASCII value of "*" would be entered

C. "*" would be displayed in place of characters

D. none of these

Q152 The events occurs when certain key of key board is pressed

A. KeyType

B. KeyPress

C. KeyEnter

D. None of these

Q153 In list box or combo box when sorted property set to True, the 10 will appear in front of 5, Why?

A. 10 is greater than 5

B. "10" is smaller than "5"

C. 10 inserted before 5

D. none of these

Q154 What is default range of horizontal scrollbar

A. 0 to 32767

B. -32768 to 32767

C. -32768 to 0

D. none of these

Q155 Which of the following file control displayes the folder of current drive

A. DriveListBox

B. DirListBox

C. FileListControl

D. All of these

Q156 Which of the following control displays the information in hierarchical structure

A. list view

B. tree view

C. image list

D. list box

Q157 When you compile and ActiveX control, the file has and extension of

A. .ctl

B. .och

C. .vbp

D. none of these

Q158 What are the three type of property procedure that can be created for a class

A. Add, get, remove

B. Set, Retrieve, Remove

C. Let, Set, Get

D. Let, Get, Remove

Q159 Which property procedure is used to retrive the value of information from a class?

A. Retrive

B. Get

C. Item

D. Value

Q160 Which property procedure is used to set the value of internal variable that contains an object refrence?

A. Let

B. Get

C. Set

D. none of these

Q161 How do you create a mathod for a class?

A. Creating a Public Procedure in a class module

B. Creating a Private Procedure in a class module

C. Creating a Property of class

D. None of these

Q162 What does the friend declaration do?

A. Makes a class avaibale for use by any programme

B. Make a mathods of class useable by other parts of programme in which the class is define

C. Limits your programme to creating a single object from the class

D. none of these

Q163 The date inside an object is known as the ___________ of the object

A. Events

B. Methods

C. Properties

D. None of these

Q164 Making an object available from outside of an application for use is known as ________ the object.

A. Importing

B. Exposing

C. Imposing

D. Exporting

Q165 The templace is called a ________ and the copies of the template are called ______________.

A. Group, Subgroup

B. Class, Instances

C. Collection, Module

D. None of these

Q166 One advantage of the Object Browser over the properties window is that

A. The browser can show both function and subroutine of the registered classes

B. The browser can set the properties of the registered classes

C. The browser can show both properties and methods of the registered classes

D. all of these

Q167 You can create objects at

A. Design time

B. Run time

C. A & B

D. None of these

Q168 What is true about Collection?

A. A collection has only one property, which is "Count", the number of objects in the collection.

B. A group of classes whose properties can be addressed through code

C. To address an object in a collection you can use pointer

D. All of these

Q169 What is the reason for using DLLs ti create program?

A. To decrease the length of program

B. To improve the efficiency of program

C. To avoid to load all of large program into memory

D. All of these

Q170 Which statement is used to identify an external precedure to Visual Basic?

A. Declare

B. Dim

C. Public

D. all of these

Q171 The contents of Dynamic Link Library are linked to the application dynamically at

A. run time

B. Design time

C. Break time

D. None of these

Q172 How do yor pass null pointer to a DLL precedure?

A. Pass a numeric value of 0

B. Use the vbNullString constant

C. A strig with the character 0 in it

D. All of these

Q173 What is null-terminated string?

A. An empty string

B. A string with an ASCII 0 appended to the end of the string

C. A string with the character 0 in it

D. All of these

Q174 What does AddressOf operator do?

A. specifies the memory location where information from the procedure can placed

B. passes the pointer for a user-defined function to a DLL procedure

C. generate a pointer for a string

D. all of these

Q175 What value of the Instancing property should be used in creating a DLL for your own function?

A. Global MultiUse

B. MultiUse

C. Public

D. Private

Q176 What is the callback precedure?

A. A procedure in your program that is called by a DLL procedure

B. A recursive procedure that repeatedly calls itself

C. Part of modem protocol

D. A specific DLL procedure in the Windows API

Q177 If GetDriveType( ) function return the value 1, what does it mean

A. Drive type cannot be determined

B. There is no root directory

C. Drive is Hard disk drive

D. Drive is CD-ROM drive

Q178 You can use the following function to retrive the information about a flag that indicates the status of file.

A. GetFullPathName( )

B. GetFileAttributes( )

C. GetFileSize( )

D. All of these

Q179 The _______ proivides the essential functions to build and manage your application.

A. Windows management

B. System Service

C. Graphics Device Interface

D. Multimedia

Q180 The _________ provides functions to access the resources of the computer and the operating system.

A. Windows Management

B. System Service

C. Graphics Device Interface

D. Multimedia

Q181 To keep a window on top regardless of whether the windows is active, use

A. SetWindowsTop( )

B. SetWindowsOn( )

C. SetWindowsPos( )

D. None of these

Q182 The _____________ function retrives the windows's title bar if there is one.

A. GetWindowTitle( )

B. GetWindowText( )

C. GetWindowName( )

D. None of these

Q183 You can use __________ function to obtain the window's class name.

A. GetClassName( )

B. GetClass( )

C. GetWindowClassName( )

D. None of these

Q184 What are the three controls where you can place graphics?

A. TextBox, Command Button, ListBox

B. Form, PictureBox, ImageBox

C. Lable, Command Button, ListBox

D. None of these

Q185 To load graphics on a control at design time, you have to assign its filename to

A. Picture Property

B. Bitmap Property

C. Graphics property

D. none of these

Q186 To lad graphics on a control at run time, you have to use the function

A. LoadImage( )

B. LoadPicture( )

C. LoadGraphics( )

D. None of these

Q187 Which of the following control provides methods for drawing at runtime.

A. Form

B. PictureBox

C. ImageBox

D. all of these

Q188 The graphics file is having one of the following extensions, except





Q189 To copy the contents of the control to the Clipboard, the following method should be used.

A. GetData

B. GetFormat

C. SetData

D. all of these

Q190 Visual Basic's default coordinate system uses a unit called

A. twip

B. tiff

C. points

D. pixels

Q191 Which of the following property sets the control's current coordinate system.

A. Scale Mode

B. ScaleWidth & Scale Height

C. ScaleLeft & ScaleRight

D. Width & Height

Q192 Following are the drawing methods of Visual Basic, except.

A. Circle

B. Square

C. Points

D. Pset

Q193 You can define the second endpoint of the line relative to first endpoint, by using _________ option of Line Method.

A. Next

B. Second

C. Step

D. Last

Q194 If the FillStyle property is set to any value other than 1, then

A. Any close shape automatically filled with the specified pattern

B. Any close shape automatically set to transparent

C. Any close shape automatically filled with solid black color only

D. None of these

Q195 You can use the Circle method to draw ellipses if you include the _________ argument.

A. radius

B. start

C. end

D. aspect

Q196 Using Picture property, you can copy only the bitmap loaded with the

A. LoadImage method

B. LoadPicture method

C. LoadGraphics method

D. All of these

MCQ Questions, ihkcl.in
MCQ Questions, ihkcl.in
MCQ Questions, ihkcl.in
MCQ Questions, ihkcl.in
MCQ Questions, ihkcl.in
MCQ Questions, ihkcl.in