Q1 Int(-67.1) returns

A. -67

B. 67

C. -68

D. 68

Q2 The Maximum file size in a word is:

A. 16MB

B. 32MB

C. 128KB

D. 64MB

Q3 The limited Number of open windows in a MS-Word is:

A. 10,000

B. 5,000

C. Unlimited

D. Limited only by available memory

Q4 The maximum Number of Column in a table is:

A. 32767

B. 63

C. 50

D. 65

Q5 In which menu option "Header & Footer" is Available?

A. Insert

B. Edit

C. View

D. Format

Q6 The shortcut of Copy Format in word is:

A. Ctrl+K

B. Ctrl+Shift+F

C. Ctrl+Shift+C

D. No Shortcut available in word.

Q7 To indent a Paragraph from left:

A. Ctrl +L

B. Ctrl +Shift+M

C. Ctrl+M

D. Ctrl +Shift+L

Q8 To Remove Paragraph formatting:

A. Ctrl+Q

B. Ctrl+H

C. Ctrl+Z

D. Ctrl+P+R

Q9 The default value of Tab Stop is:

A. 1"

B. 0.5"

C. 0.25"

D. 1.5"

Q10 To run Auto Format in MS-Word:

A. Atl+Ctrl+K

B. Ctrl+K

C. Atl+Ctrl+A

D. None of Above

Q11 In which view margins and page breaks are not visible?

A. Print Layout

B. Web Layout

C. Normal

D. Outline

Q12 In MS-Word Ctrl+K is used:

A. To copy format

B. To delete a paragraph

C. To insert a bookmark

D. To create an Hyperlink

Q13 Three most important formatting attributes are:

A. Left, Right, Justify

B. Bold, Italics, Underline

C. Style, Font, Size

D. Cut, Copy, Paste

Q14 Which toolbar is always present when you open the MS-Word?

A. Standard

B. Formatting

C. Menu

D. None of above

Q15 The maximum zooming percentage in a word document is:

A. 400%

B. 500%

C. 250%

D. 550%

Q16 The total No. of Rows in a Excel Sheet is:

A. 32767

B. 65757

C. 65536

D. 65465

Q17 The Max. No of Sheets in a Excel Workbook is :

A. 255

B. 256

C. 50

D. 125

Q18 What is number format if number is longer than width of cell?

A. ##########

B. #Name

C. In Scientific Notation (1.2E+02)

D. None of Above

Q19 To copy same data in a multiple cells:

A. Select the cell and Drag

B. Select the cells, type the data, Press Ctrl+Enter

C. Both A & B

D. None of Above

Q20 The minimum zooming percentage in a word document is:

A. 15%

B. 5%

C. 10%

D. 1%

Q21 We can insert a table in a Word document :

A. with the insert button on the standad toolbar

B. with the table and border toolbar

C. with both a and b

D. None of the above

Q22 To see the Print Preview in MS-Word we use:

A. Alt+F2

B. Ctrl+Alt+I

C. Ctrl+Alt+V

D. Both a and b

Q23 Which of the following combinations is used for "Change Case" ?

A. Alt+F3

B. Alt+C

C. Shift+F3

D. None of the above

Q24 Mail Merge is :

A. Creating the main document

B. Creating the Data Source

C. Creating the Data Source & Merge with main document

D. Both a & c

Q25 What are Macros ?

A. Series of commands run at a strock of key

B. To create hyperlink

C. Series of commands run at a strock of key & deletes when document closed

D. None of the above

Q26 Macros are run by :

A. using shortcut key assign to them

B. by clicking on the icon in the toolbar

C. by choosing run command from tool-> Macro option

D. All of the above

Q27 To insert a bookmark in a document we use:

A. Shift+F5

B. Ctrl+Shift+F2

C. Ctrl+Shift+F5

D. Alt+F5

Q28 To insert a new Work Sheet we use :

A. Ctrl+F10

B. Shift+Tab

C. Shift+F11

D. F12

Q29 In Excel to repeat the last action we use:

A. Ctrl+Z

B. F4

C. F10

D. Shift+Spacebar

Q30 To delete a entire Rows or Columns in excel:

A. Select the Rows & Columns and press Ctrl+ (minus)

B. Select the Rows & Columns and press Delete

C. Both A & B

D. None

Q31 To Copy a Sheet in a Excel:

A. Press Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V

B. Hold down Ctrl Key while dragging the Sheet

C. Hold down Shift Key while dragging the Sheet

D. Can't Copy a sheet

Q32 The Cell Height of Excel Sheet is:

A. 25 pixels

B. 20 pixels

C. 15 pixels

D. 17 pixels

Q33 The cell address of 28th Column and 15 Row is:

A. AC15

B. CC15

C. CA15

D. None

Q34 To move one Cell up in Excel Sheet

A. Ctrl+UpArrow

B. Shift+Enter

C. UpArrow

D. Both B & C

Q35 Which one is Valid to sum from cell A1 to A5?

A. sum(A1,A5)

B. =sum(A1,A5)

C. =Sum(A1:A5)

D. Both B & C

Q36 What is Formula Bar?

A. Shows the actual contents of the cell

B. Use to edit the data entered in the cell

C. Shows only formula contained in the cell

D. Both A & B

Q37 What does the error "#Value" shows?

A. Invalid Insertion

B. Error caused by Incorrect Argument (s)

C. Reference to an Invalid Name

D. Different meaning depending on circumstances

Q38 What is the contents of the cell C2 if the formula "=$A$2" in B2 is copied to C2

A. $B$2

B. $A$2

C. $C$2

D. None of Above

Q39 What are the different types of Cell References?

A. Absolute

B. Relative

C. Mixed

D. All of Above

Q40 To display the formula instead of value in a Cell, we use:

A. Ctrl+E

B. Ctrl+`

C. Ctrl+@

D. Shift+Ctlr+F

Q41 In excel, to create Header & Footer, which meenu is used:

A. View

B. Insert

C. File

D. Format

Q42 What is ADO?

A. Add Data Object

B. Activex Data Object

C. Add Deleted Object

D. Advanced Data Object

Q43 What is meaning of "&" in Access ?

A. Blank space is required in the field

B. Blank space is not required in the field

C. Requires all character in lowercase

D. Requires all character in uppercase

Q44 The Extension of Access project is :

A. .mdb

B. .apj

C. .adp

D. .mdj

Q45 We can create a table by using :

A. Table Wizard

B. Design view

C. Entering data

D. All of the above

Q46 What are the different types of relationships?

A. One-to-many

B. Many-to-many

C. One-to-one

D. All of the above

Q47 Before deleting a field that is related to a field in another table, you have to :

A. delete the field from other table also

B. end the relationship between the tables

C. create the table again without that field

D. All of the above

Q48 format("Uppercase""<") returns

A. collection of information related to a particular subject or purpose

B. combination of rows and columns

C. collection of tables

D. None of the above

Q49 When you open a database _______ run automatically

A. Table

B. Query

C. Module

D. Macro

Q50 Queries are used to :

A. view the data

B. change the data

C. analyze the data

D. All of the above

Q51 What is an effective way to present your data

A. Table

B. Report

C. Query

D. Database

Q52 You can provide fill effects by using ________ option

A. Backround

B. Slide Colour Scheme

C. Both a& b

D. Slide Layout

Q53 We can change the design template of a presentation by using :

A. Apply Design Template option

B. Backround option

C. Slide Layout

D. Format

Q54 The change will be reflected in all slides when we change

A. Master slide

B. First slide

C. Any slide of presentation

D. None of the above

Q55 In slide view slide appear as :

A. Outline view

B. Full Screen view

C. Shorter view

D. All of the above

Q56 To apply Transition & Animation effects we use:

A. Slide sorter toolbar

B. Standard toolbar

C. Formatting toolbar

D. Drawing Toolbar

Q57 Shortcut to deactivate the Pen tool in Power Point

A. Ctrl+S

B. Ctrl+Shift+S

C. Shift+F6

D. Ctrl+P

Q58 How do you convert your presentation in to compressed package ?

A. By using goto property in Edit menu

B. By using Pack & Go option

C. Cannot compressed

D. By using export option

Q59 Which wizards is used to creat overhead transparecies ?

A. Database wizards

B. Genigraphic wizards

C. Template Wizards

D. None of the above

Q60 Pivot Table allows the user to :

A. Sort , Filter the data in their browser

B. Pivot data in their browser

C. Both a & b

D. None of the above

Q61 In MS-Access Queries are implemented by using

A. Database language

B. Structure Query language

C. Object oriented language

D. User defined language

Q62 You cannot create a relationship using fields that are not of

A. the same name

B. the same table

C. the same data type

D. the same database

Q63 The fastest way to adjust the width of column is

A. to double click on the right side of the field name

B. hold down the mouse button and drag

C. by changig the width from menu

D. None

Q64 To sort a table on two or more fields instead of one

A. you have to create a report

B. you have to indexed in design view

C. you have to query it

D. It cannot possible

Q65 Office binder makes it possible :

A. to group all the drawing objects

B. to group all presentations, workbooks & documents in one place

C. to send a copy of document through e-mail

D. to add document to your files

Q66 ________ helps you to combine a series of actions to automate the work.

A. MS-Excel

B. Mail Merge

C. Macro

D. MS-Word

Q67 Which one is the existing layouts used for creating business and financial workshets

A. Styles

B. Templates

C. Clipart

D. Auti Format

Q68 Scenarios are used:

A. for forecasting the outcome of a worksheet model or data

B. for viewing the preview of the worksheet

C. for seeing the pictures in the clipboard

D. None of the Above

Q69 Is it possible to inser a MS-Word table in the Current Presentation in MS-Powerpoint

A. Yes

B. No

C. Depend upon version of MS-Office

D. None of the Above

Q70 Ctrl+K is used to create Hyperlink in:

A. In MS-Office

B. In MS-Word only

C. In MS-Excel only

D. None of the above

Q71 What are the basic types of Reports in Access ?

A. Tabular and Single Column

B. Mail- Merge and Mailing Label

C. both 1 and 2

D. none of these

Q72 What database objects do reports get the information to display

A. Queries

B. Tables

C. both 1 and 2

D. none of the above

Q73 What sections make up a report ?

A. Report header, page header, detail, page footer and Report footer

B. Report header, group header, detail, group footer and Report footer

C. Report header, page header,group header, detail, group footer, page footer and Report footer

D. none of the above

Q74 What is the data type that you use when you want Access 97 to automatically update for you ?

A. AutoNumber

B. AutoUpdate

C. AutoMate

D. none of the above

Q75 How would you restrict data in a field to only dates ?

A. default value

B. format

C. field size

D. input mask

Q76 What does the >= operator mean ?

A. Greater than

B. Greater than and equal to

C. Greater than or equal to

D. none of the above

Q77 How do I get the total of all the values in a field (Quantity Sold, for example) ?

A. Total(Quantity)

B. Update(Quantity)

C. Count(Quantity)

D. none of the above

Q78 How do you add the current date or page number to a form ?

A. =Date() and =Page()

B. =Date() and Page()

C. Date() and Page()

D. none of the above

Q79 Format("Uppercase""<") returns


B. upperCase

C. uppercase

D. none of the above

Q80 Right("Right or Left", 4) returns

A. Right

B. Left

C. Righ

D. none of the above

Q81 Access provide a graphical tool known as ___________ for designing complex expressions for queries

A. Query Builder

B. Form Builder

C. Report Builder

D. Expression Builder

Q82 __________ Query prompts the users for the criteria on which data will be retrieved.

A. Select


C. Parameter

D. Action

Q83 _________ is used to display summarised values of both the rows and columns in the query.

A. Crosstab

B. Select


D. Parameter

Q84 To create a select query from the selected fields the following option is used

A. Design view

B. Crosstab query Wizard

C. Simple Query Wizard

D. Find Duplicates Query Wizard

Q85 To select all the fields in table ,which one of the following button is used

A. <<

B. <

C. >

D. >>

Q86 The _______ operator connects the field names with their respective table names

A. .

B. ..

C. ->

D. <-

Q87 To delete all the fields from the query which one of the option is selected from Edit Menu.

A. Delete

B. Delete all

C. Clear

D. Clear Grid

Q88 The selection criteria can be joined by using

A. Or operator

B. And operator

C. Or and And operator

D. None of the above

Q89 A Crosstab query requires at least _____ Fields.

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Q90 In a Crosstab query ,you cannot set the ______ orders according to your requirements.

A. Row

B. Coulmn

C. Both a and b

D. None of the above

Q91 The forms which is resembled as a datasheet is

A. Columnar forms

B. Tabular forms

C. Main/subforms

D. none of the above.

Q92 Which one of the form is used to depict 1:M Relationship.

A. Columnar forms

B. Main/subforms

C. Tabular forms

D. none of the above.

Q93 The form which is resemble a manual data entry form.

A. Main/subforms

B. Tabular forms

C. Columnar forms

D. none of the above.

Q94 Which one of the way is used to create a form

A. AutoForm

B. Form Wizard

C. Design view

D. All the above.

Q95 The memo field allows upto _______ bytes of text for each field.

A. 64000

B. 12000

C. 60000

D. 1000

Q96 To create a form which one of the follwing control object is not used.

A. Toggle buttons

B. List Boxes

C. drawing box

D. Combo boxes

Q97 _______controls are linked to a field in a table.

A. Bound

B. Unbound

C. Calculated

D. none of the above.

Q98 Which one of the control is based on expression

A. Bound

B. Unbound

C. Calculated

D. none of the above.

Q99 Calculated controls are also known as

A. Bound

B. Unbound

C. Both a and b

D. none of the above.

Q100 Reports are used for

A. Presenting Information

B. Grouping and sorting data

C. calculating avg,field totals & drawing graphs

D. All the above.

Q101 Which one of the report display data vertically.

A. Tabular

B. Columnar

C. Mailing labels

D. All the above.

Q102 Auto report generates

A. Tabular

B. Columnar

C. Mailing labels

D. All the above.

Q103 Which one is not used as a report element

A. Report header

B. detail

C. Summary

D. Page footer

Q104 Report footer is present

A. at the end of the report

B. at the bottom of each page

C. at the bottom of each line

D. none of the above.

Q105 Access can incorporate graphs within a

A. form

B. report

C. either a or b

D. none of the above.

Q106 The graphs can be created by using

A. MS-Graph Application

B. OLE Application

C. Both a and b

D. none of the above.

Q107 Maximum actions in a macro is

A. 996

B. 997

C. 998

D. 999

Q108 Macros are used to perform tasks such as

A. open multiple forms or reports

B. move data between fields

C. check for data accuracy

D. All the above.

Q109 Macro design window consist of

A. action pane

B. argument pane

C. both a and b

D. none of the above.

Q110 Which pane is known as Argument pane

A. bottom pane

B. upper pane

C. middle pane

D. none of the above.

Q111 Which one of this macro changes the cursor to the windows busy pointer

A. Beep

B. Msgbox

C. hourglass

D. none of the above.

Q112 Which one operator is used with Null operator

A. In

B. Is

C. between…and

D. none of the above.

Q113 The ouput of the 2*3^2-5

A. 31

B. 13

C. 8

D. none of the above.

Q114 Len("Hundred") returns

A. 100

B. 7

C. 9

D. none of the above.

Q115 sqr(625) will return

A. 5

B. 125

C. 25

D. none of the above.

Q116 Lcase("LowerCasE") will return


B. LowerCase

C. lowercase

D. lowerCase

Q117 Val("Haunted Street 10") will return

A. Haunted Street 10

B. 10

C. Null

D. none of the above.

Q118 Format("0116195866","(@@@)@@@-@@@@")

A. 0116195866

B. (011)6195866

C. (116)195-866

D. (011)619-5866

Q119 Now() returns

A. current date

B. current time

C. Both a or b

D. none of the above.

Q120 format(#12/25/96#,"d-mmmm-yyyy") returns

A. 25-dec-1996

B. 25-december-1996

C. 25-12-1996

D. none of the above.

Q121 # wilcard represent

A. A single character(A-Z, 0 to 9)

B. Any number of characters(0 to n)

C. Any single digit(0 to 9)

D. none of the above.

Q122 Which keystroke is used to replace existing value with default

A. ctrl+alt+space

B. ctrl+enter

C. shift+enter

D. ctrl+alt+del

Q123 Which keystroke is used to insert line break in Text and memo fields

A. ctrl+alt+space

B. ctrl+enter

C. shift+enter

D. ctrl+alt+del

Q124 Which keystroke is used to replace with value of previous field.

A. ctrl+enter

B. shift+enter

C. ctrl+"

D. ctrl+'

Q125 In match drop-down list which option is default

A. Any part of field

B. Whole field

C. Start of field

D. none of the above.

Q126 to reduce the numeric field which property is required to be reduced

A. field size

B. Decimal places

C. Both a) or b)

D. none of the above.

Q127 Which one of the field can not be resized

A. Text

B. Numeric

C. Date

D. All of the Above

Q128 Which one of the following field name is invalid


B. [ISBN ] NO.

C. Publisher

D. Photo_graph

Q129 Allow zero length property is valid only for following data type

A. text

B. Memo

C. Both a) & b)

D. none of the above

Q130 the input mask can contain upto _______ parts seprated by semiclon

A. 2

B. 4

C. 5

D. 3

Q131 The double field data type contain how many decimal places

A. 7

B. 15

C. 10

D. none of the above.

Q132 Which one user defined format symbol is not used in text &memo data type

A. @

B. &

C. <

D. !

Q133 Short date format is represented as

A. 4/6/97

B. 04/06/97

C. 4-june-97

D. 4/6/1997

Q134 The Storage Size of Auto number data type is

A. 8 byte

B. 4 byte

C. 2 byte

D. 4 bits

Q135 To display data from another table which one of the following data type is used

A. OLE object

B. text

C. Lookup wizard

D. none of the above.

Q136 The storage size of OLE object is

A. 8 byte

B. 4 byte

C. 2 byte

D. upto 1GB

Q137 Max. No. o0f table & objects in a database is allowed by Access

A. -32767

B. 32767

C. 32768

D. 255

Q138 In Excel the intersection of a row and column is called

A. square

B. cubicle

C. cell

D. worksheet

Q139 The total size of Excel worksheet is

A. total of 156 column and 8192 rows

B. total of 256 column and 65192 rows

C. total of 356 column and 8192 rows

D. total of 256 column and 65536 rows

Q140 A worksheet can be opened by clicking on the

A. Start button

B. Open button

C. Both 1 & 2

D. None of these

Q141 The combination of the column letter and row number for a cell in an excel worksheet is called a

A. cell cross

B. cell identification number

C. cell reference

D. cell identity

Q142 A collection of worksheets is called

A. Excel Sheets

B. Workbook

C. Excel worksheets

D. None of these

Q143 In order to tell Excel that you are entering a formula in a cell, you must begin the entry with an operator such as

A. =

B. @

C. #

D. $

Q144 The TODAY() function enters the current

A. system time in a cell

B. system date & time in a cell

C. system date only

D. None of these

Q145 One of the following statements about Excel ranges is incorrect

A. a range can be defined as a group of contiguous cells

B. ranges can be very small or very large

C. the shape of the range can be rectangular, square, round, triangular or any odd shape

D. one important condition for a range is that it should have parallel facing sides

Q146 References that change automatically when you copy them to a new cell are called

A. absolute reference

B. relative reference

C. mixed reference

D. None of these

Q147 When Excel copies a formula from one cell to another, it identifies the number it needs by

A. position

B. cell address

C. cell values

D. None of these

Q148 To change the cell reference C4:C9 to an absolute row and column reference , you would enter it as

A. C4:C9

B. C$4:C$9

C. $C$4:$C$9

D. None of the above

Q149 If you wish to copy the formating used in one section in your worksheet to another

A. You can use the "Format Painter" button

B. You can use the "AutoFormat" button

C. You can use the "AutoCopy" button

D. None of these

Q150 Using Borders, you

A. can add lines above, below or to either side of a cell

B. can add a single line or multiple lines, along one side of a cell or around it

C. both 1 and 2

D. none of these

Q151 Selecting Landscape changes your page from

A. a tall to a wide orientation

B. a wide to a tall orientation

C. a normal font size to a condensed one

D. a condensed font size to a normal one

Q152 Using ChartWizard, you can quickly and easily turn your

A. data into charts

B. charts into data

C. data into charts and vice versa

D. none of these

Q153 Pie chart can be plotted on

A. multiple data series

B. only two data series

C. only one data series

D. none of the above

Q154 Excel uses another name for database. It is called

A. List

B. Listing

C. Organisation

D. Sequencer

Q155 Excel can display upto _______ fields of a data form.

A. 16

B. 32

C. 64

D. 128

Q156 The comparison operators to compute criteria's are

A. '=' , '>' , '<' , '>=' , '<=' and '<>'

B. only '=' , '>' and '<'

C. only '='

D. none of these

Q157 A function in Excel,

A. is a readymade formula

B. is a shortcut formula

C. can be build using function wizard

D. all of the above

Q158 In the function =ROUND(G5/30,0)

A. ROUND is the function name

B. the value to be rounded is G5/30

C. 0 implies rounding to the zero decimal place

D. all of the above

Q159 A macro is made up of a series of instructions written in a language called

A. Visual Basic

B. Visual C

C. Visual Foxpro


Q160 Excel worksheet data can be shared with Word document by

A. inserting a Excel file into Word

B. Copy and Paste Excel worksheet into Word document

C. Link Excel Data in a Word document

D. All of the Above

Q161 Macros are Automatically set to use

A. Relative References

B. Absolute References

C. Mixed References

D. None of these

Q162 You can convert existing Excel worksheet data and charts to an HTML documents by using the

A. Intranet Assistant Wizard

B. Internent Assistant Wizard

C. HTML Assistant Wizard

D. Linking Assistant Wizard

Q163 A area of memory or disk that is assigned to store any e-mail messages sent by other users

A. Post-box

B. Office-box+

C. Listbox

D. Mailbox

Q164 The process a user goes through to begin a computer system

A. Logout

B. Login

C. Logoff

D. Logon

Q165 To enlarge a window to its maximum size so that it fails the entire desktop

A. maximise

B. minimise

C. enlarge

D. fullsize

Q166 A program made by microsoft and included in Windows-98 that is used to Web Documents

A. Microsoft Network

B. Web enabler

C. Internet Explorer

D. Windows Explorer

Q167 An icon

A. is a small graphic image that represents an application, command or a tool

B. is an action performed when an icon is clicked or double clicked

C. both a and b are correct

D. None of the above

Q168 A connection from the current document to another document to another document or to a document on the World Wide Web

A. Hypertext link


C. Icon

D. Internet

Q169 A goup of letters, number and symbols with a common typeface

A. Folder

B. Font


D. File

Q170 A Folder is

A. an organisational tool used to store files

B. synonymous with directory, but folder is the newer preffered term

C. both 1 and 2 are correct

D. None of the above

Q171 A Drop- Down List Box

A. is a compact way to present a list of options in a dialog box

B. displays a single selected icon, but clicking button at the right end of the box, a list to appear

C. can be scrolled through the list and selection of an item can be done by clicking on it

D. all of the above

Q172 A letter, memo, proposal or other file that is created using Microsoft Word is

A. worksheet

B. master

C. document

D. slide

Q173 The screen background and main area of windows where you can open and manage files and programes is called as

A. background

B. desktop

C. wallpaper

D. none of the above

Q174 A setting or action predetermined by the program unless changed by the user is called as

A. Setting

B. Pre-determined Setting

C. Default

D. User-setting

Q175 The meaning of Cut is

A. to take a selection from the document and move it to the clipboard

B. to cut a document into two equal parts

C. to cut a document into two unequal parts

D. only b and c above are correct

Q176 A cursor is

A. pressing and holding the main mouse button

B. a symbol that designates the position on the screen where text or codes will be inserted or deleted

C. to make a selection from the document and duplicate it on the clipboard

D. a button in a dialog box

Q177 A Command Button is a

A. one in a dialog box such as Open, Close, Exit, OK or Cancel that carries out a command

B. small button with a X on it

C. symbol that designates the position on the screen where text or codes will be Inserted or Deleted

D. sort of on- screen from where you can Open and Manage files and Programes

Q178 Close Button

A. implies for the small button with an X on it

B. is located at the right end of the title bar of the most Windows

C. when clicked will close the dialog box, document or program displayed in the window

D. All of the above

Q179 A Check Box

A. is required to present options requiring individual on/off decisions in a dialog box

B. appears as a small square ballot box beside an option description

C. with a check mark in it indicates the option is enabled

D. all of the above

Q180 A button is

A. a graphical representation of an option

B. a command that activates the option

C. like a one on a housesold appliances and precipitates an action

D. all of the above

Q181 A Browser is a

A. a line that delineates the edge of a program window

B. a Software program especially designed for viewing Web pages on the Internet

C. it is a tool for resizing the window

D. none of the above

Q182 A Bitmap is

A. a graphic file format made up a small dots

B. a specific kind of bitmap file with the .BMP extension

C. is a format which Windows use for desktop wallpaper

D. all of the above

Q183 The Term Active Window means

A. the window that is currently open

B. the active window is designated by a different color toolbar then other open windows

C. both 1 and 2 are correct

D. none of the above

Q184 An Application is

A. Computer program designed to enable a users to perform specific job functions

B. Word Processing, Accounting and Engineering programs are examples of Application programs

C. both 1 and 2 are correct

D. none of the above

Q185 Word offers certain ways by which you can move around in a document

A. by scrolling

B. by moving to a specific page

C. both 1 and 2 are correct

D. none of the above

Q186 Paragraph marks signify

A. beginning of a paragraph

B. saving has been done till the marked para

C. press of Enter Key to mark the end of the para

D. current cursor position in the paragraph

Q187 The Save As dialog box can be used

A. for saving the files for the first time

B. to save file by some alternative name

C. to save file in a format other than word

D. all of the above

Q188 The step involved to open the document are

A. select the document you wish to open in the file pull down menu

B. click on the Open option in the Tools menu

C. both 1 and 2

D. None of the above

Q189 While typing a paragraph you will

A. press Enter at the end of each line

B. press Enter only at the end of a paragraph

C. both 1 and 2

D. none of above

Q190 When Microsoft Word gets loaded, the Opening screen displays document named :

A. Document1

B. Doc1

C. Document

D. all the above

Q191 As you type in the text, some of the words may appear with a red wavy underline. It signifies

A. Microsoft Word unable to recognise those spellings

B. month spellings

C. there is no such red wavy underline

D. correct spelling

Q192 Purpose of Arrange all option in Window menu is

A. to align all the paragraph

B. to align all the open documents on screen for easy accessibilty

C. to arrange files alphabetically

D. None of the above

Q193 New Window command from the Window menu will

A. essentially open a window for creating a new document

B. open a new document and close the earlier opened one

C. open a window that displays a second view of the active document

D. none of the above

Q194 On a split box

A. the pointer changes to a double horizontal bar with up and down arrows

B. the pointer changes to a double horizontal bar with left and right arrows

C. the pointer changes to a double horizontal bar with a circle

D. none of the above

Q195 When you split the window, one will have the title bar darker than the other ones. The ones with the darker title bar is

A. Window not in use

B. Active Window

C. Window unavailable for accessing

D. None of the above

Q196 The Magnifier button is available on the

A. Print Perview toolbar

B. Standard toolbar

C. Formatting toolbar

D. Drawing toolbar

Q197 Soft page breaks

A. are induced by the user

B. are automatically induced by Word as page ends

C. can be deleted

D. are used to indicate end of paragraphs

Q198 Selection of text can be of

A. single word or a line

B. a paragraph

C. complete document

D. all of the above

Q199 The Formatting Toolbar is applied

A. to paragraph selection only

B. to character selection only

C. both 1 and 2

D. none of the above

Q200 In order to change the font and its size, you will

A. do it via Font box and the Font size box available on the toolbar

B. do it only via Font box

C. do it via Font Control box

D. none of the above

Q201 If you click on the Undo button

A. it will remove the view text and restore the original text back to your document

B. it will include the new text and remove the original text in your document

C. it will remove the old text and restore the new text back to your document

D. None of the above

Q202 The contents of the Clipboard remain the same until

A. you cut other text

B. you copy other text

C. you shut down your computer

D. all of the above

Q203 Using Microsoft Word's Find and Replace feature you can -

A. replace both text and formatting

B. replace text of a document only

C. replace formatting only

D. replace document's name with a new name.

Q204 In order to help us entre frequently used text in an efficient and accurate manner; Microsoft Word offers us two special features. They are;

A. AutoText & AutoCorrect

B. AutoType & AutoRight

C. AutoWrite & AutoRight

D. None of the above

Q205 You will probably use Borders where

A. you wish to add emphasis to particular paragraphs

B. you wish to draw lines above and below or to left and right of paragraphs

C. you wish to surround the paragraphs with different styles of boxes

D. all of the above

Q206 While using the Mail Merge Helper you click on the active window button. This selection creates

A. a master document in the currently active document window

B. opens a new document window

C. your document get active and automatically attaches to a data source

D. none of the above

Q207 A data source is made up of

A. the text that change with each version of a merged document

B. the graphics that changed with each version of a merged document

C. both text and graphics that change with each version of a merged document

D. none of the above

Q208 To make a field name in a data source one of the following is not permitted

A. letters

B. numbers

C. underscore character

D. spaces

Q209 When you create a wizard

A. there will be series of questions that will be put to you by the wizard

B. each question will offer you several choices as you create your document

C. the user in provided supplied macros

D. all of the above

Q210 After you create a document, you may need to

A. close it

B. save it

C. print it

D. all of the above

Q211 You can print a document

A. from Print view

B. from Page Layout view

C. from normal view

D. a,b and c

Q212 To preserve any changes gto the document currentlhy displayed on your screen, you should

A. close the application

B. open a new document

C. move the document to the null screen

D. sace the document frequently

Q213 The horizontal ruler provides features you can use to

A. record a macro

B. browse a document looking for text, graphics, or tables

C. move the insertion point below the end of file market

D. none of the above

Q214 Which of the following special characters can be used in a filename?

A. the semicolon(;)

B. the hyphen(-)

C. the period(.)

D. the pipe symbol

Q215 If you change a documentand then try to close the Word application, the Word will

A. ignore any changes to the document

B. automatically save the changes without a message prompt

C. display a message prompting you to save changes

D. close without saving any changes to the document

Q216 Word inserts a formula as

A. numbers

B. a field code

C. values

D. text

Q217 To align numbers with the same number of decimal points in a table column

A. set a decimal tab stop

B. right align the numbers

C. center-align the numbers

D. a and b

Q218 Which of the following formatting options is notavailable on the Tables and Borders toolbar?

A. border colour

B. aligning text at the centre of a cell

C. text orientation

D. b and c

Q219 In print preview you can

A. format text

B. print your document

C. zoom each page

D. all of the above

Q220 The Magnifier button

A. allows you to zoom your document

B. displays two pages side by side

C. displays the horizontal and and vertical rulers

D. scrools you to a new page

Q221 The Select Object Browse button is located

A. in the lower-left corner of the Word screen

B. below trhe vertical scroll bar

C. on the menu bar

D. on the Formatting toolbar

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MCQ Questions, ihkcl.in
MCQ Questions, ihkcl.in
MCQ Questions, ihkcl.in
MCQ Questions, ihkcl.in
MCQ Questions, ihkcl.in