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Q1 Who observed, "future wars will start in the circuits of computers rather than in the minds of men" ?

A. Joseph Weizenbaum

B. General Alexander Haig

C. Arthur C.Clarke

D. Duncan Camphell

Q2 What hardware was used by first generation compouters /

A. Transistors

B. Ics

C. Valves


Q3 What is the term which represents the use of links between information of all sorts whether text, graphics, video or audio-based ?

A. Hypertext

B. Hypermedia

C. HyperCard

D. WildCard

Q4 Which of the following require large comoputer memory

A. Imaging

B. Graphics

C. Voice

D. All of the above

Q5 A term associated with the comparision of processing speeds of different computer systems is:





Q6 The retrieval of information from the computer is defined as

A. Collection of data

B. Data retrieval operations

C. Output

D. Data output collection

Q7 A collection of eight bits is called :

A. byte

B. word

C. record

D. file

Q8 Which of the following is a part of the Central Processing Unit

A. Keyboard

B. Printer

C. Tape

D. Arithmetic Logic Unit

Q9 A CPU's processing power is measured in




D. nano-seconds

Q10 Control unit is often called the _____ of a digital computer

A. nerve centre

B. master despatcher

C. clock

D. all of the above

Q11 The central processor of modern digital computer consists of

A. control unit

B. primary memory

C. all the above

D. none

Q12 Processors of all computers, whether micro, mini mainframe, must have

A. primary storage


C. control unit

D. all of the above

Q13 The first AT Systems have

A. 12 bit ISA Bus

B. 14 bit ISA Bus

C. 16 bit ISA Bus

D. 18 bit ISA Bus

Q14 A digitial computer is based on the principle of

A. measurement

B. logic

C. multiplication

D. counting

Q15 How many types of storage loops exist in magnetic bubble memory

A. 8

B. 4

C. 16

D. 2

Q16 The linking of computers with a communication system is called

A. networking

B. pairing

C. interlocking

D. asssembling

Q17 Standardisation means

A. connecting two computer systems

B. compatibility between different computer systems from different suppliers

C. always using a standard paralledl interface

D. joining a computer used group

Q18 Which memory is nonvolatile and may be written only once





Q19 For creating and editing legal documents which application packaged would be most useful

A. spreadsheet

B. word-processing

C. graphic

D. communication

Q20 Word-processing is used for

A. presentation of data in graphical form

B. what if analysis

C. entry, verifying, updating retrieving etc. of records

D. creation, storage,editing etc. of text

Q21 The analog computer deals directly with

A. number of codes

B. measured values of continuous physical magnitude

C. signals in the form of 0 or 1

D. signals in discrete values from 0 to 9

Q22 Transistor was invented in

A. 1945

B. 1946

C. 1947

D. 1948

Q23 Integrated circuits are classified according to the

A. no. of chips

B. no. of vacum tube

C. no. of gates

D. no. of transistor

Q24 1 K bits equals to the

A. 1000bits

B. 100bits

C. 1024 bits

D. 10 bits

Q25 The first microprocessor was introduced in

A. 1971

B. 1972

C. 1973

D. 1974

Q26 In the past, microchip manufacturing has been a particular source of cantroversy between the U.S. companies and the Japanese companies who have been charged with dumping microchips in the U.S. What is meant by the word "dumping" ?

A. Selling cheaply

B. Selling below cost

C. Selling free

D. Selling through agents

Q27 The biggest manufacturer workstation is

A. Sun Microsystems




Q28 It has been found that about 30 percent of the people feel 'computer anzious'. Out of these, about 3 to 5 percent suffer from serious computer phobia. What is the technical name for this feeling of fear ?

A. Compuphobia

B. Technostress

C. Cyberphobia

D. Dizziness

Q29 Networking is a connection of two or more

A. computer system

B. man

C. place

D. business

Q30 Today motherboard typically use

A. 70 pin modules

B. 72 pin modules

C. 74 pin modules

D. 76 pin modules

Q31 Memory access in RICS architecture is limited to instructions





Q32 What was the nickname of the computer used by the Americans in 1952 for their H-bomb project ?





Q33 A stack pointer is

A. a 16 bit register in the microprocessor that indicated the beginning of the stack memory

B. a register that decodes and executes 16 bit arthmetic expressions

C. the first memory location where a subroutine address is stored

D. a register in which flag bits are stored

Q34 If a computer is on but does not respond to a system reset, what is it said to be ?

A. Dead

B. Off

C. Hung

D. Insensitive

Q35 Most of the inexpensive personal computers do not have any disk or diskette drive. What is the name of such computers ?

A. Home computers

B. Diskless computers

C. Dedicated computers

D. General-purpose computers

Q36 The number of children in afamily is a _____ quantity.

A. analog

B. digital

C. hybrid

D. hyperbolic

Q37 Which of the following belongs to the first generation of computers ?



C. IBM 8090

D. IBM 1401

Q38 Fifth generation computers are likely to exhibit

A. artificial intelligence

B. heuristic behaviour

C. advanced paralled processing

D. all of the above

Q39 How many input lines are needed to construct 1024 bit coincident core plane

A. 8

B. 16

C. 32

D. 64

Q40 In terms of processing power there is a class of computers between mini computers and microcomputers known as

A. supercomputer

B. mainframe

C. personal computer

D. workstation

Q41 Through a computer can replace people in dull and routine tasks, yet it lacks

A. initiative

B. originality

C. speed

D. accuracy

Q42 The digital computer was developed primarily in


B. Japan



Q43 In computer jagron, wetware means

A. human inteligence

B. any organic intelligence

C. artificial intelligence

D. high intelligence

Q44 Scientists at the University of Edinburg. Scotland have devised to video camera-on-a-chip which consists of lenses smaller than match-head on an 8 mm chip. Can you name the two scientists who have developed this chip ?

A. Peter Tal

B. Peter Denyer

C. David Renshaw

D. Both (b) and ©

Q45 Which generation of computers is covered by the period 1964-77?

A. First

B. Second

C. Third

D. Fourth

Q46 "The three most important inventions of this century are the nuclear bomb, the high yield hybrid speed, and the computer". Can you name the person who made this statement

A. harry F.Jordan

B. Buckminister Fuller

C. Jack Smith

D. Jan Timmer

Q47 In 1990, the US Department of Commerce permitted export of computers with aprocessing data rate (PDR) of 275 of India. Higher PDR rating means more powerful and varsatile computing powess. Which PDR is called the China Green Line ?

A. 200

B. 250

C. 275

D. 550

Q48 Which of the following is not currently a topic in computer science ?

A. Speech recognition

B. Artificial intelligence

C. Thermodynamics

D. Multiprocessing

Q49 A new technology which provides the ability to create an artificial world and hae people interact with it is called

A. televirtuality

B. virtual reality

C. alternative reality

D. 3-D reality

Q50 What is the name given to the molecular-scale computer ?

A. Supercomputer

B. Nanocomputer

C. Femtocomputer

D. Microcomputer

Q51 Human beings are referred to as Homosapiens. Which device is called Silico Sapiens ?

A. Monitor

B. hardware

C. Robot

D. Computer

Q52 No computer can do anything without a

A. program

B. memory

C. chip

D. output device

Q53 An error in software or hardware is called a bug. What is the alternative computer jagron for it ?

A. Leech

B. Squid

C. Slug

D. Glitch

Q54 What is the name of the modern film in which a computer manages to capture and impregnate a human woman ?

A. The Day the Earth Stood Still

B. Forbiden Flanet

C. Demon Seed

D. The Invisible Boy

Q55 If a computer had no decision making function, what will it be reduced to /

A. Electrical machine

B. Adding machine

C. Counting machine

D. Slide rule

Q56 When did arch rivals IBM and Apple Computers Inc.decide to join hands ?

A. 1988

B. 1989

C. 1990

D. 1991

Q57 The word 'computer' usually referes to the central processor units plus

A. keyboard

B. external memory

C. internal memory

D. peripheral devices

Q58 Apple Computer Inc. was established in 1977 by a couple of yound computer engineers with the idea of manufacturing low price computers for the use of small businesses. Why did they call their company Apple ?

A. because their computer resembled an apple in shape

B. because the company was situated near an apple orchard

C. because one of the partners had once worked in an apple orchard

D. because the company was set up during apple season in America

Q59 In computer technology, what is meant by the phrase "state-of-the-art" ?

A. Up-to-date

B. Best

C. Latest

D. All of the above

Q60 A 'number crunching' computer is one that can handle

A. large spreadsheets

B. large alphanumeric data

C. large volume of numbers

D. only numbers

Q61 The analog computer measures dimensions and its circuits use the differential and integral equations of continuous variables. The digital computer counts units and its circuits use

A. logic gates

B. discrete switches

C. Boolean algebra

D. Bayes theorem

Q62 A computer is a box full of electronic

A. chips

B. switching devices

C. circuits

D. components

Q63 The pieces fo equipment which are attached to the CPU of a computer and which it can access are called

A. output devices

B. control units

C. peripherals


Q64 The physical equipments made of various metals, silicon and plastic components that make up the parts of a computer is called

A. micro

B. peripheral

C. hardware

D. disk drive

Q65 Who in 1988 announced the latest version of CD-ROM called CD0-ROM XA (extended architecture) which provides a documented means of intergrating digital audio with computer data on a CD-ROM disk ?

A. Sony

B. Philips

C. Microsoft

D. All of the above

Q66 With the development of digital computers, there has been an increasing study of the relationship among computers, the human nervous system and the human thinking process. The origin of this field of study is attributed to

A. Norbert Wiener

B. Marvin Minsky

C. A.M.Turning

D. Arthur Clarke

Q67 The attribution of human from or qualities to things such as machines or computers is called

A. cybernetics

B. cybernation

C. artificial intelligence

D. anthropomorphism

Q68 When RET instruction at the end of a subroutine is executed

A. the information where the stack is intialized is transferred to the stack pointer

B. the memory address of the RET instructionis transferred to the program counter

C. two data bytes stored in thetop two locations of the stack are transferred to the program counter

D. two data bytes storedd in the top two locations of the stack are transferred to the stack pointer

Q69 A computer can only do what it is told to but it does it at a very fast speed and with cent percent accuracy. Can you guess the Inteligence Quotient (IQ) of a modern degital computer ?

A. 100

B. 0

C. 60

D. 150

Q70 A NOR gate is ON only when all its inputs are


B. positive

C. high


Q71 Which of the following does not describe one or more characteristics of a Computer ?

A. electronics

B. external storege

C. storage program

D. program modification at execution

Q72 Computers are extermely fast and have fantastic memories. However, the only thing they can remember is

A. alphanumeric

B. series of 1s and 0s

C. Boolean algebra

D. logic theorems

Q73 Preparing a magnetic disk for data storage is called

A. booting

B. formatting

C. debugging

D. commissioning

Q74 How does a computer solve a problem ?

A. By Human like thinking

B. By first understanding the problem

C. By recalling the answer from memory

D. By following the pre-written programs

Q75 Which part of the computer were is used for calculating and comparing ?

A. Disk unit

B. Control unit


D. Modem

Q76 Can you tell what passes into and out from the computer via its port

A. Data

B. Bytes

C. Graphics

D. Picture

Q77 The data between the computer and peripherals always passes via an input/output

A. port

B. A/D converter

C. D/A converter

D. buffer memory

Q78 An error in computer data is called

A. chip

B. byte

C. bug

D. bit

Q79 Every thing a computer does is controlled by its

A. random access memory

B. input devices

C. central processing unit

D. external storage devices

Q80 All modern computers operate on

A. diskettes

B. information

C. data

D. words

Q81 How many full adders are needed to add two 4-bit numbers with a parallel adder ?

A. 8

B. 4

C. 2

D. 16

Q82 What is needed to assemble a logic network for adding three digits ?

A. Two half adders

B. OR gate

C. AND and NOT gates

D. Both (a) and (b)

Q83 When did IBM introduced the 80286-based PC/AT?

A. 1983

B. 1984

C. 1985

D. 1987

Q84 What is the number of binary digits which can be added by a full-adder ?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 8

Q85 The first electronic general prupose digital computer built by Mauchly and Eckert called ENIAC did not work on the stored program principle. How many numbers could it store in tis internal memory ?

A. 100

B. 20

C. 500

D. 1000

Q86 Which of the following is not a basic configuration used in data communication network

A. computer/peripheral-device configuration

B. computer-to-computer communication

C. computer to front-end processor communication

D. communication through a data switch

Q87 In data transmission, the bit coding scheme used torepresent a byte is typically




D. Hexadecimal

Q88 Which of the following is true of parallel transmission

A. it involves the simultaneous transmission of eight bits

B. The speed is quoted in bits per second

C. it is slower than serial transmision

D. most micorcomputer communicate with other computes in this mode

Q89 Which of the following is not a device used in data communication?

A. modem

B. multiplexor

C. statisticall multiplexor

D. all of the above are used in data communication

Q90 which of the following is not one of the major compnents of a decision-support system?

A. language system

B. knowledge system

C. expert system

D. problem-processing system

Q91 A decision-suopport system is intended to rpduce information to support which type of decisions?

A. well structured

B. unstructured

C. anticipated

D. routine

Q92 The major function of the language system is

A. to perofrm various processing tasks

B. to provide artificial-intelligence capabilities to the DSS

C. To provide data to the DSS

D. to enable the users to interact with the DSS

Q93 Which of the following is not true ofnonprocedural language?

A. Theycan be English-like

B. They can take user-friendly forms

C. BASIC isan example of a nonprocedural language

D. Theyb allow the user tosimply specify the characteristics of a problem and toleave the determinaion of the logicalsteps to the DSS

Q94 A central purpose of most decisio-support system is

A. to build a model of thedecision making problem

B. todesign adata-base management system

C. to build an expert system

D. to determine the key decisioons in the problem area

Q95 Which American computer company is called Big Blue ?

A. Microsoft Corpn.

B. Compaq Corpn


D. Tandy Svenson

Q96 Where does a computer add, compare and shuffle its data ?

A. Memory chip

B. CPU chip

C. Floppy disk

D. Hard disk

Q97 When was the X window System born ?

A. 1984

B. 1986

C. 1988

D. 1990

Q98 What is the name of the logic circuit which can add two binary digits ?

A. Full adder

B. Half adder

C. Parallel adder

D. Flat register

Q99 The control data register hold the present Microinstruction is some time called

A. instruction register

B. Microinstruction register

C. Sequencer

D. Pipline register

Q100 The subject of Cybernetics deals with the science of

A. genetics

B. control and communications

C. molecular biology

D. biochemistry

Q101 Pipelining strategy is called implement

A. instruction execution

B. instruction prefetch

C. instruction decoding

D. instruction manipulation

Q102 Part of the computer where data and instructions are held is

A. Register unit

B. Accumulator

C. Memory unit


Q103 A microprocessor is ----- on a chip

A. computer



D. Control unit

Q104 A device used to bring information into a computer is


B. Input device

C. Control unit

D. Output device

Q105 The sectionof the CPU that selects, interprets and sees to the execution of program instructions

A. memory

B. register unit

C. control unit


Q106 A third and last component of CPU is


B. Input device

C. Supervisory-control unit

D. register unit

Q107 A stack is

A. an 8-bit register in the microprocessor

B. A 16 bit register in themicroprocessor

C. A set of memory locations in R/WM reserved for storing the execution of a program

D. A 16 bit memory address stored in the program counter

Q108 The radix of a number system

A. is variable

B. has nothing to do with digit position value

C. equals the number of its distinct counting digits

D. is always an ever number

Q109 When a subroutine is called the address of the instruction following the CALL instruction is stored in/on the

A. stack pointer

B. accumulator

C. program counter

D. stack

Q110 Computer memory

A. performs all calculations

B. receives input data

C. is extremely limited

D. is better than human memory

Q111 Whenever the POP H instruction is executed,

A. data bytes in the HL pair are stored on the stack

B. two data bytes at the top of the stack are transfereed to the HL regtister pair

C. two data bytes at the top of the stack are transferred to theprogram counter

D. two data bytes from the HL register that were previously stored on the stack are transferred back to the HL register

Q112 Pipeline processing uses the technique

A. sharing the memory

B. bit slicing

C. prefetching

D. parallel processing

Q113 Control memory address register specifies the address of the

A. instruction

B. microinstruction

C. instruction cycle

D. memory address register

Q114 Micro instructions are stored in

A. computer memory

B. primary storage

C. secondary storage

D. control memory

Q115 During execution subroutine return address is stored in

A. Control address register

B. Subroutine address

C. Stack pointer

D. Memory location

Q116 A control unit whose binary control variables are stored in memory is known as

A. Hardwired control unit

B. Microprogrammed control unit

C. Software Control unit

D. Hardware control unit

Q117 A Microprogram written as string of 0'S and 1'S is a

A. Symbolic Microinstruction

B. Binary Microinstruction

C. Symbolic microprogram

D. Binary Microprogram

Q118 A Microprogram sequencer perform the operation

A. Read

B. Write

C. execute

D. Read and execute

Q119 A microprocessor consists of

A. general purpose register

B. program counter


D. all of the above

Q120 The stack is list of the type




D. None of the above

Q121 The operation performed onstack are





Q122 A stack organised computerhas

A. Three-Address instruction

B. two-address instruction

C. one- address instruction

D. Zero address instruction

Q123 The effecting address is the address of the operand in an instructinof type

A. immediate

B. indirect

C. register

D. computational

Q124 Program counter of CPU store the addres of the instruction

A. Currently executed

B. to be executed next

C. just executed

D. none of the above

Q125 States bits of the CPU are stored ina flag

A. Caryy

B. Sign

C. Zero

D. all of the above

Q126 Interrupts which are initiated by an instruction are

A. internal

B. external

C. hardware

D. software

Q127 A memory that is a part of acontrol unit is referred to as

A. External memory

B. Internal memory

C. Cache memory

D. Control memory

Q128 Who coordinates the sequencing of events within the central processor of a computer?

A. logic unit

B. Arthmetic unit

C. register

D. control unit

Q129 What is a Jacquard loom ?

A. A bird found in Bangalore

B. A weaving maching which used punched cards

C. The first computr controlled loom

D. A machine for writing match tables

Q130 What is meant by computer literacy ?

A. Ability to write computer programs

B. Knowing what a computer can and cannot do

C. Knowing computer related vocabulary

D. Ability to assemble computers

Q131 Which of the following does not contain a microprocessor ?

A. Robot

B. Microwave oven

C. Washing Maching

D. Ball pen

Q132 One of the most impressive features of a modern digital computer is its speed. A fast computer is able to do more calculations in one minute than a person using a pencil and paper can do in

A. 0 years

B. 20 years

C. lifetime

D. 50 years

Q133 Who is credited with the idea of using punch cards to control patterns in a weaving maching ?

A. Pascle

B. Hollerith

C. Babbage

D. Jackquard

Q134 A computer has no more sense than a ligh

A. bulb

B. pen

C. switch

D. pad

Q135 A computer enthusiast is

A. user friendly

B. hacker

C. a computerist

D. all of the above

Q136 One computer that isnot considered a portable computer is

A. Minicomputer

B. laptop computer

C. notebook computer

D. all of the above

Q137 The word size of a microprocessor refers to

A. the amount of a information that can be stored in a byte

B. the amount of a information that can be stored in a cycle

C. the number of machien operations performed in a second

D. the maximum length of an English word that can be input to a computer

Q138 Which major development led to the production of microcomputers?

A. Magnetic disks

B. Floppy disks

C. Logic gates

D. Inmtegrated circuits

Q139 A complete microcomputer system consists of

A. microprocessor

B. memory

C. peripheral equipment

D. all of the above

Q140 Intel 80486 Pipelining implements stages

A. 6

B. 4

C. 5

D. 3

Q141 A computer program that converts an entire program into machien language at one time is called a/an

A. interpreter

B. simulator

C. compiler

D. commander

Q142 Interrupts which are initiated by an I/O dive are

A. Internal

B. external

C. software

D. all of the above

Q143 The microprocessor of a computer cannot operate on any information if that information is not in its

A. secondary storage

B. main storage


D. logic unit

Q144 The ALU of a computer responds to the commands coming from

A. primary memory

B. control section

C. external memory

D. cache memory

Q145 Which type of ocmputers use the 8 bit code called EBCDIC?

A. Minicomputers

B. Microcomputers

C. Mainframe

D. Supercomputers

Q146 Arthmetic instructions provide

A. data processing capabilities

B. data storage capabilities

C. computational cababilities

D. control capabilities

Q147 Branch instructions are used to

A. manipulate numeric data

B. logical data

C. transfer control

D. manage data

Q148 CPU doe not perform the operation

A. data transfer

B. logic operation

C. arithmetic operation

D. all of the above

Q149 The most common addressing techniques employed by a CPU is

A. immediate

B. direct

C. indirect

D. all of the above

Q150 In immediate addressing the operand is placed

A. in the CPU register

B. after opcode in the instruction

C. in thememory

D. in the stack

Q151 The register are essential to instruction execution

A. program counter

B. instruction register

C. memory address

D. all of the above

Q152 Control unit operation is performed

A. hardwired control only

B. micro program control only

C. hardwired or micro program control

D. none of the above

Q153 Hartwired control unit is implemented by

A. software routines

B. logic circuits

C. stacks

D. registers

Q154 What is meant by a dedicated computer

A. Which is used by one person only

B. which is assigned one and only taks

C. which does on kind of software

D. which is meant for application software only

Q155 Which of the following isn't a type of computer facility ?

A. decentralized

B. centralised

C. de-distributed

D. distributed

Q156 The first machanical computer designed by Babbage was called

A. Analytical Engine

B. Abacus

C. Calculator

D. Processor

Q157 What of the following terms is related to a monitor ?

A. screen

B. monochrome monitor

C. RGB monitor

D. video display

Q158 Which kind of storage device can be carried around ?

A. hard disk

B. system cabinet

C. main memory

D. diskette

Q159 Which of the following people probably has the least amoutn of technical knowledge ?

A. programmer

B. user

C. systems analyst

D. computer operator

Q160 Which of the following devices allows the user to add components and capabilities to a computer system ?

A. storage devices

B. keyboards

C. system boards

D. expansion slots

Q161 Which of the following terms applies to communication between separate comoputer systems ?

A. computer literacy

B. power supply

C. applications software

D. connectivity

Q162 People typically interface with a computer-based system when:

A. information must be output

B. data must be input

C. information must be reviewed

D. all of the above

Q163 The following typically happens in the output phase of a computer-based information system:

A. Data is put into the computer for processing

B. Information is produced in hardcopy and/or softcopy form

C. Mathematical calculations are performed

D. The computer is turned off

Q164 Which of the following best describes a computer-based information system ?

A. a system in which a computer is used to turn data into information

B. inputting data

C. processing data

D. performing complex mathematical calculations

Q165 Which of the following is an example processing activities ?

A. classifying

B. summarizing

C. performing calculations

D. all of the above

Q166 Which of the following pieces of hardsare is used the most in the input phase of a computer-based information system ?

A. printer

B. diskette

C. monitor

D. keyboard

Q167 Which of the following is not a factor when categorizing a computer ?

A. amount of main memorty the CPU can use

B. capacity of the storage devices

C. cost of the system

D. where it was purchased

Q168 Which of the following might occur when an organization uses on-line processing ?

A. data is acted on immediately

B. master files are updated immediately

C. output is produced without delay

D. all related files are updated

Q169 software instructions intended to satisfy a user's specific processing needs are called ________

A. systems software

B. a microcomputer

C. documentation

D. application software

Q170 The principal advantage of the centralised approach to organizing a computer facility is :

A. cost-effectiveness

B. processing activities are easier to coordinate

C. processing activities are easier to control

D. all of the above

Q171 Which of the following isn't used in the storage phase of a computer based information system ?

A. magnetic

B. keyboard

C. diskette

D. hard disk

Q172 The person contributing the idea of the stored program was

A. Johan von Neumann

B. Charles Babbage

C. Howard Aiken

D. Thomas J Watson, Sr.

Q173 Transistorized computer circuit were introduced in the

A. first generation

B. second generation

C. third generation

D. fourth generation

Q174 The first firm to mass-market a microcomputer as a personal computer was

A. data general corporation

B. sperry univac

C. radio shack


Q175 The "Father of Punched Card Processing" was

A. J Presper Eckert

B. Charles Babbage

C. Blaise Pascal

D. Dr. HermanHollerith

Q176 The punched card used in IBM System/3 contains

A. 80 column

B. 90 column

C. 96 column

D. 126 column

Q177 First integrated circuit chip was developed by

A. C.V. Raman

B. W.H. brittain

C. J.S. Kilby

D. Robert Noyc

Q178 The main distinguishing features of fifth generatin digital computers will be

A. liberal used microprocessors

B. artificial intelligence

C. extremely low cost

D. varsatility

Q179 Mark the WRONG statement

A. Digital computers work on sequential basis

B. programs written in high-level languages are known as source programs

C. every computer has its own machine language

D. a given compiler can be used with practically all modern computers

Q180 Which of the following statements best describes the batch method of input ?

A. data is processed as soon as it is input

B. data is input at the time it is collected

C. data is collected in the form of source documents, placed into groups, and then input to the computer

D. source documnts are'nt used

Q181 What is the name of the structured design technique that uses meetings to review programming logic?


B. Egoless programming

C. Structured walkthrough

D. Top-down approach

Q182 Instructions for execution by a computer are given in ......... language.

A. symbolic


C. machine

D. compiler

Q183 A program written in machine language is called ...... Program

A. assembler

B. object

C. computer

D. machine

Q184 A source program is the program written in .......... Language

A. English

B. symbolic

C. high-level

D. machine

Q185 The use of a computer to get information from a data bank is called

A. information withdrawl

B. computer stimulation

C. information retrieval

D. full-text searching

Q186 A ADU is used as

A. input device

B. output device

C. voice data entry device

D. both a and b

Q187 A computer program consists of

A. a completed flowchart

B. algorithms

C. algorithms written in computer's language

D. discrete logical steps

Q188 Hexadecimal numbers are a mixture of

A. binary and decimal numbers

B. letters and decimal digits

C. binary and octal numbers

D. octal and decimal numbers

Q189 Which of the following is a high-level language?

A. Ada



D. all of the above

Q190 The language that doesn't require the user to learn a specific vocabulary or syntax is:





Q191 The input code of the compiler as well as assembler is called

A. object code

B. machine code

C. source code

D. assembler code

Q192 Which of the following is the most powerful type of computer

A. supermicro

B. superconductor

C. microcomputer

D. supercomputer

Q193 In a compiler organization, what is the designation of a person who prepares data for computer input using either floppy disks or optical scanning sheets or video display terminals?

A. Programmer

B. Computer operator

C. Data entry clerk

D. Data control clerk

Q194 The counting board in which numbers are represented asbeads strung on wires is commonyl called abacus. By what name is it known in Japan

A. Suanpan

B. soroban

C. Napier's beads

D. Suharto

Q195 What is the name of the program coding that is unnecessarily complex and difficult to follow?

A. Pseudocode

B. Spaghetti

C. Complex code

D. Object code

Q196 Which of the following is not an advantage of stored programs ?

A. reliability

B. reduction in operational costs

C. ability of the computer to operate at electronic speeds

D. the computers becoming general-purpose

Q197 All of the following are examples of input devices except:

A. COM(Computer Output Micro film)

B. CRT (Cathode Ray Tube)

C. optical scanners

D. voice-recognition devices

Q198 Which of the following is not true of primary storage ?

A. It is a part of the CPU

B. It allows very fast access to data

C. It is relatively more expensive

D. All the above are true

Q199 What is the control unit's function in the CPU?

A. to decode program instructions

B. to transfer data to primary storgage

C. to perform logical operations

D. to store program instructions

Q200 The ascending order of a data heriarchy is:

A. bit-byte-record-field-database

B. byte-bit-field-record-file-database

C. byte-bit-record-file-database

D. bit-byte-field-record-file-database

Q201 Which of the following is not true of immediate processing ?

A. It is often used in realtime applications

B. It can occur with either sequential or direct-acess files

C. It can be used in a an airline-reservation system

D. Transactions are processed shortly after a real-world event occures

Q202 Which of the following statements is true?

A. The smart approach to using computers is to write programs

B. Knowledge of the system development life-cycle is not important to operators who use computers without programming

C. Hands-on exposure to the computer is not helpful to those who write programs

D. Personal computers have been an important contributing factor in the movement toward using computers without programming

Q203 _______ is the product of data processing

A. data

B. information

C. software

D. a computer

Q204 The most common input device used today is the

A. motherboard

B. central processing unit

C. keyboard

D. system unit

Q205 What is the name of the programming technique which emphasizes breaking large and complex tasks into successively smaller sections?

A. Scrambling

B. Structured programming

C. Microprogramming

D. Sub-programming

Q206 The "slow sequential output by speech or manual actions" is a characteristics of man for the task

A. Method of information input

B. I\Method of information output

C. Mehtod of error detection

D. Method of editing information

Q207 The individual who catalogs storage media is the :

A. Data clerk

B. Control clerk

C. Tabe librarian

D. All of the above

Q208 The data processing job expected to further becrease in the 1990s is that of ;

A. Keypuncher

B. Data entry clerk

C. Computer operator

D. Programmer

Q209 Which of the following statements is true ?

A. Analyst usually work alone and sometimes as part of a team

B. Most systems projects are completed in 6 to 12 weeks

C. An analyst's primary concern is the development of software

D. Analyst evaluate data dlow through an organization

Q210 The computer device primarily used to provide hardcopy is the :


B. Line printer

C. Computer console

D. Card reader

Q211 The term interchangaeable with control clerk is :

A. Data clerk

B. Data control clerk

C. Tape librarian

D. Data entry clerk

Q212 In computer terminology, inforamtion means

A. raw data

B. data in more useful or intelligible form

C. alphanumeric data

D. program

Q213 Data processing is

A. the same thing as data collection

B. similar to computer programming

C. mostly associated with commercial work

D. akin to data coding

Q214 Which one of the following can read data and convert them to a form that a computer can use ?

A. Logic

B. Storage

C. Control

D. Input device

Q215 _________ is a technique in which man and machine are blended into a problem-solving team, intimately coupling the best characteristcs of each.





Q216 The characteristic(s) of man for the task "method of logic and reasoning" is (are)

A. Intuitive by experience

B. Imagination

C. Judgement

D. all of the above

Q217 Which of the following terms could be used to describe the concurrent processing of computer programs, via CRTs, on one computer system ?

A. Time-sharing

B. Online processing

C. Interactive processing

D. All the above processing

Q218 The characteristic(s) of computer for the task "method of information input" is(are)

A. Large amount of input at one time by sight or hearing.

B. Sequential stylised input

C. Informal and intuitive

D. all of the above

Q219 The daily processing of corrections to customer accounts best examplifies the processing mode of :

A. Batch processing

B. Real-time processing

C. Time sharing

D. Offline processing

Q220 Which of the following characteristic(s) is(are) affect the design of a CAD system?

A. The method of constructing the design

B. The strong and communication of design information

C. he handling of errors and design changes.

D. all of the above

Q221 The _______ is usually used for straight forward computing processes involving no interaction between the user and the machine.

A. Remote terminal Processing

B. Intelligent Terminal Processing

C. Batch mode processing

D. ON-line processing

Q222 The ______ is normally used for running programs which require and produce only small amounts of data, but which need to interact with the user.

A. Remote terminal processing

B. Intelligent Terminal processing

C. Bactch mode processing

D. On-line processing

Q223 The _______ is normally used where a high degree of interaction is necessary.

A. Batch mode processing

B. Remote terminal processing

C. Batch mode processing

D. On-line processing

Q224 The command used to change the justification and/orrotate the text of an associate dimension is





Q225 The text justification option that prompts the user for two endpoints and the text height so the text is adjusted between the two points at the specified height is

A. Fit

B. Centered

C. Fully centered

D. Right justified

Q226 The option of the DTEXT command used for determining a specific text alignment mode is

A. Starting point

B. Align

C. Justify

D. Locate

Q227 From the following list, the most efficient command used to edit text by performing a spell check is





Q228 The Draw command that prompts the user for "First corners:" and "Other corner:" is


B. ZOOM-Window


D. STRETCH-Crossing

Q229 Who launched IBM's first PC in 1981

A. disk drive



D. Port

Q230 The CPU (central processing unit) consist of :

A. input, output, and processing

B. control unit, primary storeage, and secondary storage

C. contro uni, arithmetic-logic unit, and primary storage

D. input, processing, and storeage

Q231 The characteristic(s) of computer for the task "level of intelligence" is (are)

A. Little learinbg capability but reliable level of intelligence

B. Learns rapidly but sequential

C. Unreliable intelligence

D. all of the above

Q232 Who developed a mechanical device in the 17th century that could add, subtract, multiply, divide and find square roots

A. Napier

B. Babbage

C. Pascal

D. Leibnitz

Q233 What is the name of theearliest calculating machine which was based on concepts found in modern computers but was unfortunately never build

A. Babbage's Difference Engine

B. Pascal's Adder

C. Leibnitz's Multiplier

D. Differential Analyser

Q234 Who is called the "grandfather' of the computer

A. Herman Hollerith

B. Blaise Pascal

C. Charies Babbage

D. Joseph jacquard

Q235 In 1830, Charles Babbage designed a machine called the Analytical Engine which the showd at the Paries Exhibition. In which year was it exhibited

A. 1835

B. 1860

C. 1855

D. 1870

Q236 Data System management has long-term viability as a separate business function because

A. it requires much technical knowledge

B. it requires large investments

C. specialists in data systems cannot be integrated into a marketing or manufacturing organization

D. an integrated database accessible to all requires independent management

Q237 To be information, data must be

A. factual

B. relevant

C. news

D. all of the above

Q238 A teleprocessing system may be

A. computer system

B. data communication system

C. card processing system

D. all of the above

Q239 Data management systems may be implemented as

A. System software

B. application software

C. computer programs

D. all of the above

Q240 A data system for calculating measures used in statistical inference is an example of a

A. teleprocessing system

B. data management system

C. computing system

D. all of the above

Q241 Strategic planning is

A. planning operations

B. supervising

C. problem identification

D. all of the above

Q242 The unit of hardware an operator uses to monitor computer processing is the

A. Card reader


C. Line Printer

D. Console

Q243 For the purposes of defining data needs, responsibility area is

A. marketing

B. administration

C. personnel

D. all of the above

Q244 Most computers understand programs written in

A. natural English language


C. any high-level programming language

D. specific programming language

Q245 Computing systems can be effective in generating strategic information because

A. the future can be predicted from the pattern of the past

B. they require managers to clarify their thinking about their plans and future posibilities

C. they give management access to a large database

D. all of the above

Q246 Electronics images of people speaking that are used in computer security operations are referred to as :

A. Voiceprints

B. Passwords images

C. Vocal passwords

D. electronic prints

Q247 The repeated access of a particular flight number from an airline reservation system is an example of :

A. Frequency

B. Repetitive processing

C. Updating

D. Volume

Q248 A factor which would strongly influence a business person to adopt a computer is its:

A. Accuracy

B. Reliability

C. Speed

D. All the above

Q249 The total number of messages handled by a comoputerized telephone system on a daily basis s an example of :

A. Frequency

B. Updating

C. Volume

D. All the above

Q250 Which of the following statements is true ?

A. The installation of a computer is favourably received by all employees

B. Some form of training is necessary for employees who will work with computers

C. Computers are portrayed solely as society's benefactor

D. A businessperson is only interested in the computer's accuracy

Q251 The average cost of computerised theft is estimated at :

A. $20,000

B. $100,000

C. $500,000

D. $ 1,000,000

Q252 The status of all data handled by a DP center is determined by a :

A. Data number

B. Control number

C. Reference number

D. Item number

Q253 The individual within the operations group who ordinarily uses a variety of keyboard devices is the :

A. Data clerk

B. Kaypunch operator

C. Data entry clerk

D. Computer operator

Q254 An example of providing supervisory information by the use of a computing system is

A. use of computer to prepare customer invoices

B. use of computer to plan shapes to be cut from sheet of steel

C. use of phone to report job status

D. all of the above

Q255 First generation computer systems used :

A. transistors

B. vacuum tubes

C. magnetic cores

D. silicon chips

Q256 Which of the following affects processing power ?

A. data bus capacity

B. addressing scheme

C. clock speed

D. all of the above

Q257 Programmable Read Only Memory (PROM) of a digital computer (Mark the wrong statement

A. is permanent

B. contains program instructions

C. is programmed during manufacture

D. is volatile

Q258 Which of the following is a secondary memory device ;

A. disk

B. central processin unit

C. keyboard

D. arithmetic Logic Unit

Q259 Following is a way to acces secondary memory

A. random access memory

B. action method

C. transfer method

D. density method

Q260 The two kinds of main memory are :

A. primary and secondary

B. random and sequential

C. ROM and RAM

D. central and peripheral

Q261 A hard copy would be prepared on a

A. typewriter terminal

B. line printer

C. plotter

D. all of the above

Q262 A dot matrix printer

A. is an input device

B. is an output device

C. cannot print alphabet

D. has a speed of 500 cps

Q263 Most of the errors blamed on computers are actually due to

A. programming errors

B. hardware fatigue

C. defects in floppy disks

D. data entry errors

Q264 The NOT symbol at the output of an OR gate converts it into a/an _____ gate





Q265 Computer memory consists of ____ microchips




D. all of the above

Q266 Backing storage is so named because it

A. lags behind the main memory

B. is slow and backward

C. back up the computer's main memory

D. is always kept at the back of the CPU

Q267 An advantage of overlapped processing activities is ;

A. more effective use of the CPU

B. increased processing activities for the entire system

C. better coordination of I/O activities

D. all the above

Q268 A computer-controlled device for training exercise that duplicates the work environmnet is a:

A. simulator

B. duplicator

C. trainer

D. COM device

Q269 The comparison of data inside the arithmetic logic unit is referred to as a :

A. question

B. data operation

C. conditional question

D. logical operation

Q270 A characteristic of the ASCII code is :

A. it limitation to a maximum of 96 character configurations

B. its use of the zone code 1010, 1011, and 1100

C. its independence from the Hollerith code

D. all of the above

Q271 Which of the following allows users to specify what the computer is supposed to do rather than how the computer is supposed to do it?

A. nonprocedural language




Q272 Which of the following hardware components is the most volatile ?





Q273 Which of the following is used for manufacturing chips ?

A. control bus

B. control unit

C. parity unit

D. semiconductors

Q274 Which of the following are th two main components of the CPU ?

A. control unit and registers

B. registers and main memory

C. control unit and ALU

D. ALU and bus

Q275 Which of the following holds data and processing instructions temporarily until the CPU needs it ?


B. control unit

C. main memory

D. coprocessor chips

Q276 Which of the following is true ?

A. Fields are composed of bytes

B. Files are composed of records

C. Fields are composed of characters

D. all of the above

Q277 List of detailed instructions that directs a computer is called which one of the following

A. Logic

B. Storage

C. Control

D. Input device

Q278 A typical modern computer uses

A. magnetic cores for secondary storage

B. LSI chips

C. magnetic tapes for primary memory

D. more than 10,000 vacuum tubes

Q279 Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU) are called the ______ of a computer

A. heart

B. master despatcher

C. primary memory

D. all of the above

Q280 The basic components of a modern digital comoputer are :

A. central processor

B. inoput device

C. output device

D. all of the above

Q281 The languages in which computer programs are usually written differ from the language that the computer directly 'obyes' or 'understands'. Who performs the translation?

A. The card reader

B. The programmer

C. The computer operator

D. A special hardwre translator

Q282 A visual display unit or terminal (which is right?)

A. is, by definition, a dumb terminal

B. can possess either graphic or alphanumeric capabilities, but not both

C. must be located at site of the CPU

D. is the most popular input device used today in direct-access processing

Q283 What is the most significant difference between a simple desk calculator and computer ? Choose from the following

A. The computer is an electronic machine while the desk calculator may or may not be electronic

B. The computer is useful in business applications while the desk calculator is not

C. The computer can print its results, while the desk calculator can only show it on a display

D. The computer is controlled by a program stored in its memory while calculator require step-by-step manual control

Q284 An integrated circuit (IC) is

A. complicated circuit

B. an integrating device

C. much costlier than a single transistor

D. fabricated on a tiny silicon chip

Q285 A computer programmer

A. does all the thinking for a comoputer

B. can enter input data quickly

C. can operate all types of comoputer equipment

D. can draw only flowchart

Q286 As compared to the secondary memory, the primary memory of a computer is

A. large

B. cheap

C. fast

D. slow

Q287 Which of the following is the most characteristic of ROM ?

A. It is measured in megabytes

B. It is valatile

C. It performs mathematical calculations

D. Instructions are stored there permanently

Q288 The term "memory" applies to which one of the following ?

A. Logic

B. Storage

C. Control

D. Input device

Q289 Which one of the following can produce the final product of machine processing in aform usable by humans ?

A. Logic

B. Storage

C. Control

D. Output device

Q290 Which computer memory is used for storing programs and data currently being processed by the CPU ?

A. Mass memory

B. Internal Memory

C. Non-volatile memory

D. Non-volatile memory

Q291 The binary system uses powers of ____ for positional values

A. 2

B. 10

C. 8

D. 16

Q292 The essential features of a number system are

A. radix

B. set of distinct digits

C. bits

D. both a & b

Q293 The term used to defend all input and output devices in a computer system is ____

A. Monitor

B. Software

C. Shared resources

D. hardware

Q294 The function of CPU is __________

A. to provide external storage of text

B. to communicate with the operator

C. to read, interpret and process the information and instruction

D. to provide a hard copy

Q295 Which of the following is not connected with backing or back-up storage ?

A. diskette

B. hard disk

C. dot matrix printer

D. cassette

Q296 A hybrid computer ?

A. resembles analog computer

B. resembles digital computer

C. resembles both analog and digital computer resembles

D. none

Q297 Main memory contains ?

A. data

B. instructions

C. both

D. neither

Q298 in a computer, RAM is used as a short memory because it

A. is volatile

B. has small capacity

C. is very expensive

D. is programmable

Q299 In computer terminology a compiler means

A. a person who computes source programs

B. the same thing as a programmer

C. key punch operator

D. a program which translates source program into object program

Q300 A modern fast mainframe digital computer can perform up to ____ operations per second

A. 1000(1K)

B. 100,000

C. 1000,000(1M)

D. 1,000,000,000 (1G)

Q301 A term used interchangeably with diskette is :

A. disk cartridge

B. disk pack

C. floppy disk

D. packette disk

Q302 A characteristic normally associated with a large-scale computer system is:

A. real-time processing

B. a complex array of I/O devices

C. a CPU of 1000 K

D. all the above

Q303 A software package generally used within a distributed word processing system is :





Q304 An advantage of a distributed word processing network is:

A. increased number of reports handled

B. less delay in interoffice communications

C. greater corporate control over outputs

D. all of the above

Q305 ROM is composed of:

A. magnetic cores

B. microprocessors

C. photoelectric cells

D. floppy disks

Q306 Which of the following terms is the most closely related to main memory ?

A. nonvolatile

B. permanent

C. control unit

D. temporary

Q307 The BCD code for the character W is composed of :

A. A, 4, and 1 bits

B. A,4, and 2 bits

C. A and 5 bits

D. A and 6 bits

Q308 A modern delectronic computer is a machine that is meant for

A. doing quick mathematical calculations

B. input, storage, manipulation and outputting of data

C. electronic data processing

D. performing repetitive tasks accurately

Q309 The operation of a digital computer is based on _____ principle

A. counting

B. measuring

C. electronic

D. logical

Q310 The proper definition of a modern digital computer is

A. an electronic automated machine that can solve problems involving words and numbers

B. a more sophisticated and modified electronic pocket calculator

C. any machince that can perform mathematical operations

D. A machine that works on binary code

Q311 A modern digital computer has

A. extremely high speed

B. large memory

C. almost unlimited accuracy

D. all of the above

Q312 The EBCDIC code for the character X with odd parity is :

A. 0 1110 0110

B. 1 1110 0111

C. 1 1110 0110

D. 0 1110 0111

Q313 Mark the WRONG Statement-A digital computer scores over an analog computer in terms of

A. speed

B. accuracy

C. cost

D. memory

Q314 A peripheral device used in a word processing system is :

A. floppy disk

B. magnetic card reader


D. all of the above

Q315 The first machine to success fully perform a long series of arithmetic and logical operation was


B. Mark-I

C. Analytic engine


Q316 In reference to a computer, an assembler is a

A. program

B. person who assembles the parts

C. symbol

D. language

Q317 What is the name of the language which consists of strings of 1s and 0s and is the only one which the computer can understand directly?

A. Assembly language

B. Machine language

C. High level language

D. 4GL

Q318 The only language which is machine specific and which a computer understand directly is called

A. assembly language

B. higher level language

C. lower level language

D. machine language

Q319 Compilers and interpreters are themselves

A. high level languages

B. programs

C. codes

D. mnemonics

Q320 What is the name of the output from either a compiler or an assembler

A. Source code

B. Object code

C. Op-code

D. Operand

Q321 Whereas a higher level language could remain the same from one computer to another, each computer requires its own

A. monitor

B. compiler

C. assembler

D. keyboard

Q322 A characteristic of card system is :

A. slowness in processing data

B. using cards as records of transactions

C. needling a larger DP staff

D. all the above

Q323 Advances in computer hardware and software are generally classified into generations. We are currentrly in which generation

A. Second

B. third

C. foruth

D. fifth

Q324 The field name assigned to card fields should

A. indicate the type of data items the field will contain

B. have the same number of characters as the length of the field

C. begin with the same character as the data in the field

D. all the above

Q325 Which of the following was (were) not used in first-generation computers ?

A. vaccum tubes

B. cards

C. magnetic core

D. punched paper tape

Q326 Which of the followings was not associated with second-generation computers ?

A. high level procedural languagae

B. operation system

C. magnetic core

D. all of the above were associated with second generation computers

Q327 The card type that requires you to return a portion of it with payment is the:

A. Dual card

B. Document card

C. Stub card

D. Either b or c

Q328 A five-digit card field used for postal ZIP codes is defined as :

A. An alphabetic field

B. A numeric field

C. An alphameric field

D. A lette field

Q329 The gangpunching of cards is performed on the:

A. Collator

B. Reproducer

C. insterpreter

D. Keypunch

Q330 What is the name of the computer programming language which is widely used in computer science and engineering as well as business?





Q331 Which of the following fields in a student file can be used as a primary key ?

A. class

B. social security number


D. major

Q332 The very small and cheap computer build in to many home deveices is called ____ computer

A. main frame

B. mini

C. micro

D. analog

Q333 The advantages of magnetic tape include all of the following except:

A. low cost

B. direct-access storage medium

C. compact and portable

D. highly reliable

Q334 Currently the most popular from of secondary storage is:

A. magnetic tape

B. semiconductor

C. magnetic core

D. disk

Q335 Which of the following is an example of nonvolatile memory ?





Q336 __________ can be programmed one time by either the manufacturer or the computer user. Once programmed, it cannot be modified :





Q337 The CPU can perform read or write operations at any point in time :




D. All of the above

Q338 The parity bit is added for ________ purposes

A. coding indexing

B. error-detection

C. controlling

D. updating

Q339 Wompared with secondary storeage, primiary storage, primary storage is :

A. slow and inexpensive

B. fast and inexpensive

C. fast and exepnsive

D. slow and expensive

Q340 Which file organization is allowed by a direct-access storage device ?

A. direct only

B. sequential and direct only

C. indexed and direct only

D. sequential, indexed and direct

Q341 Which of the following is used to check for errors in RAM chips ?

A. ROM chip

B. microprocessor chip

C. parity chip

D. EPROM chip

Q342 Which of the following are used to quickly accept, store and transfer data and instructions that are being used immediately by the CPU ?

A. microprocessors

B. registers

C. ROM chips

D. data buses

Q343 Why is the width of a data bus so important to the processing speed of a computer ?

A. The narrower it, is the greater the the computer's processing speed

B. The wider it is , the more data that can fit into main memory

C. The wider it is , the greater the computer's processing speed

D. The wider it is, the slower the computer's processing speed

Q344 Which of the following is not true of a magnetic disk ?

A. Users can easily update records by writing over the old data

B. It provides only sequential access to stored data

C. It is expensive relative to magnetic tape

D. It does not provide an automatic audit trial

Q345 The first mechanical computer designed by Charles Babage was called :

A. Analytical Engine

B. Abacus

C. Calculator

D. Processor

Q346 The modern abacus which uses small beads strung on conting frames is still being used in some oriental countries like China and Japan, How would you classify this calculator ?

A. analog

B. hybrid

C. digital

D. electrical

Q347 Which of the following is true of the digital computers ?

A. It represents the decimal numbers through a string of binary digit

B. It is used primarlily in scientific applications

C. It is less accurate than the analog computer

D. All of the above

Q348 Which of the following is not true of primary storage ?

A. It represents the decimal numbers through a string of binary digits

B. It stores operating-system programs

C. It stores data while they are being processed by the CPU

D. It stores the bulk of data used by a computer application

Q349 The technique of placing software or programs in a ROM semiconductor chip is called :



C. firm ware

D. microprocessor

Q350 IBM 7000 digital computer

A. belongs to second generation

B. uses VLSI

C. employs semi conductor memory

D. has modular construction

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MCQ Questions, ihkcl.in
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